Sunday, February 17, 2008


Really, this is a baby's life. And our schedule. Sleep, feed, attempt to "play," and sleep. Charlie does a lot of sleep, feed, attempt to stay awake, sleep. We're pretty flexible on things and will be until around due date (at which time we will get a little more disciplined on sticking to a schedule). In reference to my previous post, we are proponents of the "parent-led" schedule, which despite what most people believe, has flexibility in it. The hospital put him on a wonderful 3-hour schedule which can only get longer as he grows bigger - who would want to screw that up?

What we have found is that Charlie wants a lot of "being held" time. If he wakes halfway through his sleep mode, that's usually why - he just wants to be cuddled. Which we are happy to oblige, although at 2am or 3am it's a little trying. Roman was that way too, but at 9 months it was a little more frustrating - and heavy!

Anyway, to the topic at hand - food. Charlie is beginning to increase some of his feedings, luckily the nighttime ones - he takes now about 50-60cc during the day, and he took 70cc at two feedings last night. Toward the end of his feedings, no matter how much, we notice he enters his "food coma." This is characterized by complete and utter bliss, mouth hanging opening, appearing in a deep sleep - although he's not. He will awaken within a few minutes for a burp or attempt to stay awake. Actually, the food coma looks like this:

And marking the end of a mini-era, the last of the breastmilk will be used in the next couple days. And no more will I experience bottles and stickers, which have characterized my life since January 18.

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