Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Doctors and diapers

Both boys had an appointment with the pediatrician this morning. Whew. I think I was more emotionally drained than either of them after it was all over. We were there for 2 hours - and that was with no delays, as the office is good about getting us in. The physical report: Roman is between 75 & 90th percentile for height and weight. He weighed about 37, I think, and I don't know his height. They checked his eyes and they were fine. Charlie: He is between 50 & 75th percentile in weight (he broke 5 pounds!) and head circumference, and he is off the charts - in a good way - for his length (18 inches).

Now, the pain report: Roman had to have FOUR shots to wrap up his immunizations before school starts. Can you believe it?! The poor boy. We knew about 3 of them and had prepared him. He was scared and cried a bit in anticipation, but when they told him there would be four, he fell apart. I think people in the next building could hear him screaming. I had to hold him on my lap, his legs locked in mine, me bear-hugging his arms, and they did two at a time, all in the arms. It was horrible. He was alternating screaming "owie! owie! owie!" and "no more! no more!" and I was practically crying. Horrible. Luckily I had a surprise for him - a ColorWonder coloring pad and markers that a coworker gave as a present that I had held back. And then I let him choose dinner tonight, too. McDonald's, of course.
Charlie also got poked unpleasantly. They wanted to do a followup CBC so they heel-poked him. They tried the preemie-poker but he didn't bleed fast enough, so they used the regular one. That made him cry quite a bit, and he was worn out afterward - I couldn't even get him to do more than an ounce at the feeding right after. So both boys had a trying day. And so did Mama.

In good news with Charlie, he has finally become aware of the contents of his diaper. Strange, you may ask? Until a couple days ago, Charlie did not care if he laid in a poopy diaper or had an overly wet diaper - there was no reaction at all. He ate and slept. We have noted that he now wakes up if he is poopy, or can't go to sleep if his diaper is full. It seems he is aware of it, which to me means he's becoming cognizant of the world he is living in now. Just one more amazing step!

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