Monday, February 04, 2008

Charlie keeps moving forward

I arrived at the hospital to find that Charlie's nose-tube had been taken out - he is now getting all feedings by bottle! I was fortunate enough to give him 2 bottles today. And do lots of cuddling, of course. His hair is continuing to grow in, quite blonde. He searches for my face when I'm talking to him, it's really quite amazing. He did have a couple issues with milk coming back up - once through his nose & mouth, and it appeared he had spit up quite a bit on his outfit before I came. The nurse reassures me that at this stage milk's as easy coming up as it is going down, so not to worry.

The nurses also keep telling us "he won't be here long" and "hope you guys are getting ready for him to go home!" This strikes fear into me. I'm just getting used to him being in the world, for goodness sakes. And he still makes me very nervous - it's that floppy head of his. Anyway, so Roman and I took a field trip to Babies R Us this afternoon. I am amazed at how much I have forgotten in the almost 4 years since Roman arrived. I picked up a "new parents guide to stuff" to remind me of all the essentials. There are quite a few things which we will have to dig out/buy new, which makes me excited. There is a sense of urgency in my brain too, although my Mom reminds me that all we need the first night is a bottle, diapers, and a place for him to sleep!

So here's a few things which we must get, borrow, or recover in the next couple months:

monitor, travel mirror, cloth diapers for burping, more bottles, pacifiers, bibs, digital thermometer, bathtub, liquids (lotion/oil/butt paste - thanks, Miss Katie!), diapers, a new diaper bag (that's an indulgence), infant car seat/carrier (and stroller frame?), one of those infant cushion inserts for our existing carseat, car sunshade, bedding for a bassinet, our bouncy-rocker chair...

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