Friday, February 22, 2008

Being a preemie, continued.

Charlie's first full-body bath at home. Heh. He likes his head and face being washed, but clearly, not his whole body!
Everything here is going along just fine. We're settling into our 3-hour schedule, our nighttimes are getting tolerable -or, we're getting used to our lack of sleep. I still forget things and am pretty clueless when anything is attempted to be explained to me. My brain slowly turning to mush. Perhaps I will shut off the tv and start reading again... although we are trying to keep the house noisy so Charlie is used to it. Music, I guess, will finally make a reappearance in our household life. So goodbye for today, "Regis & Kelly"... I will have to miss one of your rerun episodes, "Crossing Jordan"... and I will go without household decorating advice from HGTV for today. Ah, the sacrifices.

Charlie has increased his feedings again... we just kind of fill the bottle and see what he takes. Lately he has been taking between 60-80cc. In fact, he slept an hour extra last night - to almost 1:30am - I think because he had such a large feeding at 10pm. We are already daydreaming of the day we can do a 2:00am feeding and stretch the night to 4-hour feedings. Can you imagine - 10pm, 2am, 6am? A dream that is a couple months off, I fear, but still...

Some well-minded people are still attempting to give us advice based on a newborn. Please stop. Although I guess they don't all read my blog. Preemies are preemies, whether they are completely healthy and discharged in 3 weeks, or really sick and spend months in the NICU. Even a healthy preemie like Charlie will develop at his "adjusted age" for the first year... meaning anything a newborn would do, Charlie will do a couple months later. Doug and I are counting this current time as "zero time." While his birthday is in January, we're not really counting anything until his magical due date. The doctors said he may surprise us - goodness knows he has already - but to assume adjusted-age at least until he's walking (which again, may be around 14 months, assuming a 12-month development).

Tomorrow is going to be a funny day. The boys in this house constantly surprise me. Doug said at dinner that he was going to go to the hospital and return the breast pump we've been renting. He invited Roman to go along too, and they made plans to eat in the hospital cafeteria for lunch. Roman is SO excited, it's like a food wonderland for him. Doug then said that they would leave me at home with Charlie but Roman said no, he wants it to be a family trip. How funny! So we're all going to the hospital for lunch tomorrow. And probably visit the NICU in hopes of catching weekend-Nurse Amy.
Isn't this bottom picture adorable? Charlie is a side-sleeper, as shocking as it would be to the "back to sleep" people. We do place him onto his back most of the time, but the way to calm him when he's thrashing is to swaddle and roll him on his side. Always his right side, too - just like his Mama. Do you think I influenced him in the womb? It's the way I fell asleep every night for 7 months!

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