Saturday, February 23, 2008

Ask, and ye shall receive...

I've gotten really comfortable with the idea that God will guide us in life, if we give Him the chance. God also solves a lot of things and gives us what we want - not always in the way expected, of course. Since Charlie's arrival Doug and I have done a lot of talking about the future (by email, of course - one of us is usually sleeping if we're both at home!). There are goals we have talked about before that appear to be closer, and there's that pesky issue of me returning to work (or not?) in the Fall. So the other day, I had a little talk with God. I told him that we had a couple burning issues that we needed guidance on - whether to pursue my/our desire of returning to the "west side," and separately, whether I should return to work or not. I told God there was no rush, but if He wanted to share some thoughts with us, that'd be cool.

Well. Two days later, we received an answer to the first issue - whether it was feasible to keep daydreaming about the "west side" or to shelve it for awhile. God sure does follow through quickly sometimes. In the mail we received our city assessment on our house; you know, the kind that shows what our taxable "whatever" is. Property tax. Anyway, there were a lot of minuses on it. Meaning, the assessed value of our house has gone down (which I suppose, thereby, means our property taxes will eventually go down). But the bottom line is: The value of our house, in one year, has decreased 13.2%. If I told you in numbers, your jaw would drop. And based on our experience with an independent assessment a few years ago, the city is pretty much right on.

So goodbye, equity of the past few years. Our house won't be for sale again anytime soon. But thanks, God, for at least giving us that message loud and clear! No moving to the "west side" for at least 2 years, and from the looks of things based on the economy in Michigan, probably closer to 3-4 years. So.

It still could be much worse and I am thankful every day - we can afford our house payments. Which for a lot of people in Michigan right now, especially around Metro Detroit, you can't say that. The "recession" or whatever you want to call it, is starting to hit closer to us - we know a couple who is filing for bankruptcy, and a family who is losing their home. Whether it's based on a bad choice in mortgage financing, or buying a home before selling another (whew! that was close), losing an income, or what have you - things are not good around here.

To cheer myself up from that 13.2% news, I tried a new outfit on Charlie yesterday. He officially fits in Newborn clothes. Well, some NB clothes. This is a brand called "Just One Year" by Carter's. Adorable.

And I'm not sure everyone's aware, but that boy's hair is getting redder and redder. Eyebrows and eyelashes, too, are becoming less blonde, and more golden red. You have to look at the whole head, but here's the evidence.

I'll have an update including Roman tomorrow - he had a rough day today and it's best to wait for me to like his behavior a bit more before I write about him!

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Cat Hoemke said...

Ah man. Sorry to hear about your property tax. :/ We've held off on buying anything until the market settles down a bit. (ie. comes into our price range) I'm glad you guys are willing to listen to God on this sort of thing, though its not easy to hear sometimes.

And also you have one really cute baby there! It is so funny that he's a side sleeper.