Thursday, February 07, 2008

As ready as we can be... (with pictures)

I spent a good bit of time with Charlie today. Did 3 feedings, one in which he sucked down 50cc (almost 2 ounces) without burping or pausing longer than a couple breaths. That boy is hungry! He weighed 1995 grams this afternoon, which is 4.4 pounds. They did a "bath demo" for me, which is nice because honestly, I've never bathed a newborn. Roman screamed for the first month of baths, but he also could sit up on his own so no problems there. Dr. Man (I can't remember his last name), the resident who replaced Dr. Magdalena, came by for a chat and reviewed discharge. Nurse Carol also got his discharge paperwork going so it would be a bit faster for us in the morning.

Roman has chosen to go to preschool in the morning instead of to the hospital. I have mixed feelings about this. In my "Norman Rockwell" mind I want the whole family to be there and experience it together. But, I know that discharge will take awhile and there will be lots of instructions, too, and if Ro were there we would all get impatient. So I'm glad he spoke up, because otherwise I would have him go. He'll come home early from preschool but that will give us time to settle in, too. I guess.

And of course, our adventure can't stop yet. After the first feeding this morning, Nurse Sue came rushing in and said we were being moved to a multiple-pod immediately. Within a half hour they were going to need Charlie's room, which is more intensive care. So with 24 hours left, Charlie has a new room - the "purple pod":

Although I guess you can't see the purple walls in this picture. Imagine Easter-egg purple. It's wild. You can see our car seat on the floor there, too. Of course it's orange! I thought about taking pictures of the bath, but figured I better watch and concentrate instead. I had to leave after the last feeding at 5:00 and Charlie just wouldn't burp, so I had to hand him over to a nurse assistant to try. However, on my way out I did snap some pictures. And that's for "Bubba" who requested less words & more pictures in the blog. :)

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pmfh said...

Use all the words you like, but those of us far-off luuuvvvZ the pictures! :D

Have fun w/ the feedin' and the burpin' there -- and give Charlie a little squeeze from us!