Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Update & pictures of Charlie

While there are a lot of emotions going on with myself that I will blog about eventually, I will just give a quick update on Charlie today to answer frequently asked questions. And, of course, post a few pictures.

To answer the most frequently asked FAQ, we have no idea when he will be allowed home. At the earliest, 4-5 weeks; they won't even have him out of the humidity in the incubator until January 30th. He needs to learn to regulate his own body temperature, as well as eat, digest, & poop on a regular basis. Once he can do all of this, as well as show growth, then they will consider sending him home. Most the nurses tell us "close to the due date" is what we should shoot for.

He is continuing to do well; they increased his feedings to 18cc, which is a little over half-an-ounce per feeding. He is not sucking out of a bottle, but through an NG tube. However, the nurse said as they increase his feedings they will be decreasing the IV fluids; if he continues to take the feedings and digest them, they will be able to drop the IV within a few days. THAT would be cool.

I only saw him an hour today, but that's because we let Roman stay home and celebrate being with Mama. Tomorrow Roman is back to Red Bell and my Mom and I plan to spend much longer with Charlie. I found my Mom could not drive fast enough once we got in the car, and I was very anxious to get in the room. I really needed to be with Charlie. It's hard to leave, but Doug compares it much to Roman's adoption - only allowed small visits, building up to the point when we can bring him home. In that way, I guess, we're more prepared than most NICU parents in how to deal with this situation.

Now, to describe the pictures. Monday afternoon's visit when Charlie was awake (that's my hand on his head); Roman taking his first cautious reaches into the incubator; and Charlie under the "jaundice lamp" with cool sunglasses (the pacifier is a newborn-size, to get an idea of his size).


pmfh said...

Hey, thanks for the FAQs, ma'am! :D

Hang in there -- sure hope you like rollercoasters, 'cuz that's all I can think you must be going through... But man, that little peanut sure is cute like his big bro'!

Let us know if there's anything we can do, you know, from halfway across the country... :P


Anonymous said...

Amy & Doug, Charlie is sure oh so cute! And tiny! Very cute photos! So how much does Charlie weigh and how much does Roman weigh? So glad that he can come in to bond too! :) linda

Sheryl said...

What a handsome little guy!
Congrats again and echoing Cat- let me know if there's something I can do for you guys! Hugs and kisses to the boys!:)

Nicole said...

I'm so glad I got to see him - and I suppose the two of you too! ;-) He's tiny but as they keep telling you - that's all that's wrong. He just decided that he'd grown enough in you and it was time to grow outside of you :)