Thursday, January 24, 2008

A small step backward

Here's Charlie relaxing while waiting for me to change his diaper again tonight. What a cool dude, huh? The wrap is because Charlie apparently thinks he can escape, and likes to push himself to the top of the incubator. The nurses are trying to keep him in one spot...

Did I mention that I'm waiting for the other shoe to drop with Charlie? I've emailed people and talked to so many people on the phone, I forget what I say. Well, I had been thinking that things are going so well that something should go wrong. We did have a minor setback today. They had raised his feedings this morning to 30cc and were going to take the IV out this afternoon. Well, when they went to check his stomach contents at the 2pm feeding, he still had a bit of greenish liquid in there - enough to say that his tummy isn't digesting everything and needs a break. So they halted his milk feedings for the rest of the day and he remains on IV fluids until Friday, when they will try again. Nurse Julia said that this is common, and it's just a matter of his tummy learning to digest everything - they did do an x-ray and there's no blockages in his digestive system, so maybe his tummy just needs some time. No biggie, but a little step backward.

Charlie is starting to show preference for being kangaroo'd on me. It's just a wonder that he recognizes me in the first place, I think, but he gets mad now when he's pulled away to go back in his incubator. He has a favorite position he assumes, right ear on my heart, legs kicked off to the side, left hand up by his face. Tonight when the nurse picked him up, he squawked and then actually seemed to hiss - made this weird breathing sound like, "damn you, woman!" It takes him a few minutes when put back in the incubator to settle down. Nurses said this is common too, which makes me happy. He squawks when taken out of his incubator too, but the minute his head touches my chest he stops. It's truly awesome.


Sheryl said...

That's amazing- Maybe along with learning to use his tummy, he's learning his voice as well:)
I love the relaxin' picture!

pmfh said...

My wise (and long-suffering!) advisor at Trinity used to counsel: "One cannot advance simultaneously on all fronts!"

Hope that's all the setback for awhile. Hope the whole family is doing well...