Monday, January 28, 2008

Slipping back into my life

Today a lady from church, Susie, drove me to the hospital. This was nice because I usually chat with her on Wednesday evenings and have missed it. Both her boys are adopted (teens, now) and so we had a great talk about that. My friend Wendy, also from church but now also a good neighbor, picked me up and we had a great time catching up. She has been a rock through all this, picking up Roman from preschool on the night Charlie was born, and being such a support in general. Talked to a coworker tonight on the phone, too, who is going to give me a ride up to the hospital on Wednesday. So I feel like I'm reconnecting with people and "surfacing" from this quagmire called hospital bedrest & c-section.

Charlie is doing well. Taking half an ounce at each feeding (16cc) and finally began pooping again last night, so digestively he's working. I am noticing that he's beginning to fill out his skin, he looks more like a real baby. His skin is a nice tone, too. He just smells adorable and I kiss the top of his head lots and lots when I hold him, which was another 1-1/2 hours today. He actually begins to anticipate his feedings, waking up about 30 minutes beforehand and stretching, wiggling, pushing, you name it. He actually pushed his head off my chest & into the crook of my elbow twice today!

Roman is still very, very tired and trying desperately to control some aspect of his life. I think it helped that I put him to bed tonight, we had another nice chat. Not about much of anything, but just letting him talk and me listening. He falls apart in hysterical sobs when he does not get what he wants.

Daddy is holding it together too. I don't talk about him as often as I should, but I think he's glad that I'm not calling with an emergency every few days now! Of course, he had to take half a day off tomorrow to take me to my dr. appt., but this should be the end of the drama. We sent the Aztek to the shop to have some stuff fixed under warranty - why not, since I'm not driving - and we should get it back Wednesday or Thursday. That will be very, very nice.

As for me? My feet are deflating, finally. My ankles are still swollen, but my toes and top of my feet are almost normal again. My belly has decreased too, I now look like I did at 5 months pregnant. It's strange to go backward in maternity clothes.
I still am overdoing it with my c-section incision - I know because I don't take any pain pills and then out of the blue, it starts really hurting. Pumping milk isn't bad but I do it anywhere from 3-5 hours (I just can't do the 2-3 hours; I have a life too), and what I'd really like is to sleep through the night while I still can. But it's not to be, as I wake up around 3 or 4am to pump. Grr. Tomorrow I spend a very long day at the hospital. No pictures today, perhaps tomorrow.


Cat Hoemke said...

Glad to hear your life is coming back into some kind of sense. Does this mean the preeclampsia is going away or are they still watching that? Which breast pump did you end up getting (if you don't mind me asking)? Anyway, thank you thank you thank you for the updates. It's great to hear how things are going.

Amy said...

Oh, the preeclampsia is still there; I have to stay on the Procardia for my bp for another 3 weeks until I see the dr. again. Apparently it can be a problem up to 6 weeks after birth.

We're renting a Medela "Symphony" pump. It's yellow, very quiet. Nice. I like it, as far as pumps go. Decided we didn't want to buy as it's only 1 kid, and I'm not sure how long I'll use it. To rent it's about $65 a month, but that's through the hospital and not a medical supply company.