Saturday, January 12, 2008

Preeclampsia & bed rest

So. Many of you know the drama of the last couple days, but here it is to fill everyone in. I am in the hospital under bed rest orders until the baby comes. We are hoping to get to 34 weeks (I'm 291/2) but as my dr. said, each day in the belly is worth 4 in the NICU, so we'll just take it one day at a time.

I had growing backaches the last week - nothing unusual, I figured, for Charlie gaining weight. Then I felt chest burning and pain - heartburn, I figured, nothing unusual since Charlie's growing and smushing up my organs. But the chest burning got worse. And worse. And by Thursday night, nothing could stop the pain. So at my normal 4am wakeup, I thought, I'm going to the ER, get me some pain medicine, and I'll be back in time for Doug to go to work. Luckily I had already called a sub for Friday and had planned on staying home with Roman.

Drove myself, and I got to the hospital and started crying at registration because the pain was so bad. Because of the pregnancy, they called down the maternity people and decided to observe me on the maternity floor instead of ER. They checked my urine immediately, checked my blood pressure, and said, "we need to run labs." Weird, I thought, since I just have heartburn. Then they asked if I had high bp. I never ever do. Always too low, in fact. Well, my protein in my urine was up to 3+, my liver labs were high, and my bp was through the roof: 185/something, when I'm normally between 115-120. Only took 2 hours for the diagnosis: preeclampsia, have to be transferred to Beaumont right away because they have the NICU. Um. Yeah. They told me the earliest I may have to deliver is Sunday. Um. Yeah.

I called Doug, who took Roman to preschool, called my parents to come over, called his parents to inform, and he came to the hospital and then followed the ambulance to Beaumont. I was put in a labor and delivery room for "caution" in case I had to deliver immediately. My goal on Friday was to get out of the L&D room and into the antepartum rooms, which meant they would not induce. That's all I knew. After a crazy day of phone calls, Doug going back and forth, my parents arriving, and more phone calls, this is what happened, essentially: My placenta wants to stop cooking Charlie and deliver him. My body began to do the necessary things to prepare for it (apparently I was having contractions every 3-4 minutes at one point). But because my cervix is closed, all this does is cause trauma for baby and Mama - things like swelling ankles, backaches due to contractions, high blood pressure, & epigastric pain. Hm. All things that were bothering me last week.

So after 24 hours of magnesium and monitoring, an ultrasound and blood labs, as well as a catheter, I was finally unplugged from everything this morning and allowed to go to an antepartum room ("holding room"), where I will be on strict bed rest until the baby needs/has to be delivered. Dr. would like that to be between 34-36 weeks. I go back and forth between what God/dr. wants, and getting me the heck out of here because Roman needs his Mama.

We have had an amazing outpouring of love & offers to help, and we're working on making things normal for Roman and easiest on Doug. Rebekka has been removed back to her mom's house (another post for another day) but we're in touch with her. I am available by email (hooray for wireless in a hospital!). As soon as Doug has a chance to load my new camera's software onto the computer, I'll post some pictures of my new "apartment." And I guess all you can do is pray for God's timing to happen, cuz I can't decide for myself if I want Charlie out now or lay here in a bed for 4-5 weeks.


Angela O said...

Praying for you girl! If you guys need anything feel free to call...

Jane b said...

Glad to hear that you made it to your new room. Hope you are there a longgggggg time. If I can do anything, you know you can call