Wednesday, January 16, 2008

New doctors, new meds

My regular OB came around this afternoon to tell me that my urine protein continues to go up; I'm now at 2500+, and in his words the "go to" number (when they'd take the baby no matter what) is 5000+. Doug, upon hearing this information, immediately began to plot my numbers in a graph to see when I'll give birth, assuming my body functions like a linear equation. What a guy, my favorite engineer! Based on numbers and what the OB said in code, it's looking like our best bet is to hold out another couple weeks. So it may be a January birthday after all.

My OB then explained their desire to transfer me to the OB docs here, and also refer me to a high-risk "maternal fetal medicine" doctor. The new OB came to see me this evening around 6:15 and after a conference with me, and then a call to the high risk dr., decided to put me on Procardia for my bp. This was expected, but she tells me that 80% of patients on Procardia experience headaches. Great. Like a bed-headache isn't bad enough. Of course, I suppose a 10-week-early preemie is bad, too.

OB did reassure me that I'm still considered a "mild" case of preeclampsia. She also asked what my home situation is, in case they thought they could transfer me to bedrest at home. I told her it wasn't a good idea; I wouldn't sit still, and I have a 4-year-old. She agreed with me.

In good news for today, I did get a heat pack for my aching neck muscles and it was AWESOME. I really underestimated heat packs, but no more. And my pizza for dinner was a "personal pan" size so I'm not hungry, which is good too. So I'm going to cruise some online scrapbooking sites and attempt to get to sleep before 10pm tonight.

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