Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Morning routine, Wednesday

My days have more of a rhythm now. It's 6:45am and the nurses usually start in around 6am. The mystery doctor, I think, is from the OB staff here at the hospital. She also pushes on my belly when she visits. She comes in around 6am, followed by the blood pressure brigade. Today they wanted to weigh me, too. Then Dietary comes in around 7am with my menu to select for the next day. Today I am sneaking a peek at the Internet before breakfast, which comes around 7:30 or 8am.

I am trying to have a new goal each day. For example, yesterday was to play "Civilization II" on the laptop, which it took me awhile to remember how to move my guys, but I did. Today I have to write to my grad class professors and ask if I can still do the journal work for credit. I asked my advisor on Monday but he said to ask them directly first.

As for my vitals, I should get results of my blood & urine tests back today. My bp is creeping again, this time my lower (diastolic?) number. I've been checking in around mid-150s/110 or so, which they don't like. This morning I was back to 146/89. But I have no other symptoms except for slight puffiness in the ankles, so they're just "watching." I have a muscular cramp in the right side of my neck from twisting around - I think because I keep all my stuff to the left of me in bed. Wish they had a masseuse on staff.

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