Sunday, January 20, 2008

Monday - a new chapter starts

Today was a good day overall. I slept a lot - you can tell I must be tired since I slept on my back all night, and I'm a side-sleeper! I saw Charlie twice today, and in the afternoon I got to hold him again - from here on out known as "Kangaroo Care" when he just lays on my chest. My Mom spent an hour or so with Roman so Doug and I could be together with Charlie - the first time since Friday afternoon, really. My incision got to hurting quite a bit this afternoon, I think I overdid it a little. My Dad went home for a few a days but my Mom is going to play driver, cook, and cleaner this week to help me get back on my feet. The following week we're hoping Doug's parents can fill that role, and by then I can probably drive again. If not, I think I'll be calling in all those offers to help and turning them into driving me to the hospital. But we'll see.

Roman is still hanging in there. He was very tired today, and he expressed many times today he was very happy to hear I'm coming home. We think my discharge will be Monday afternoon, so Doug's taking the day off because there is a lot to organize. I've technically been AWOL from work since I never did get a note faxed in to state why I'm absent! We need to arrange for a breast pump too (too many details, gentle readers?) and hope that insurance will cover it; meanwhile, I've got to keep that going every 2-3 hours. Also the emotional fallout of leaving Charlie... it's been comforting to know he's just a floor below me, and I could see him whenever I wanted (even if I didn't go, I still had that option). To leave him "behind" will be awkward tomorrow.

Well, I'm falling asleep writing this, so I'm signing off. Big day tomorrow, and of course I'll keep updating at least once a day!


Cat Hoemke said...

How expensive is this breast pump? I hope it will drive you to and from the hospital too. :) Seriously though, I've been looking at these this weekend (just thought it be good to have one) and they range from $34-$170 depending if you get a manual pump vs. a "pumping system" Bizarre.

Yeah, my maternal instincts were all up in arms about them "taking your baby away" to the nicu. Didn't say I'm being rational, just maternal. I'm glad your mom's able to be there too. That will help a bunch. Ok, long comment, I'm stopping now. Hope you recover soon.

Bonnie's mom said...

Amy-I'm so happy for you, Doug, and Roman. He's so small, but perfect and beautiful. Try to relax, don't worry and enjoy. Easier said than done. Talking to other new mom's helps. Love from Bonnie's mom, Sue

Kim C said...

Amy!! Congratulations and welcome Charlie! I am so happy for you, Doug and Roman. I hope you are resting well and take the medication on time, it keeps the pain away.

I have checked on the breast pumps when Joshua was born, and they are covered if babies are early. I can recommend some for you. Medela has the best products for pumping and the original one seem easiest to personally adjust.

I am praying for a speedy recovery and for Charlie healthy and home soon. I'm sure Roman is going to be a great big brother.
Best Wishes and Sleep to you...Kim C