Monday, January 14, 2008

Monday morning business

I was glad to have a "to do" list this morning. Had to contact Madonna about my grad classes, and then school/Board Office to arrange my absence, do some other things. Had a phone call from a friend in Ireland, even, which buoyed my spirits. Mornings are hard, I wake up pretty weepy knowing that the world is going on without me and I can't contact people before 8am. Of course, the breakfast tray at 7:30am makes me feel a bit better.

It's been nice having so many phone calls, as I'm sure as the days go by I'll get less and less. They are doing construction around here and I can hear the sound of metal being snaked through pipes above my room.

As for tests, they are running the urine screen again, and along with that came a blood draw at 7:00am. Then my dr. apparently asked for other blood screenings, so she had to come back and take more. I am doing my own work for the urine tests, have to pour it into a jug. "Earning my keep," as Doug said. My bp is checked every 4 hours and Charlie on monitor was just fine this morning. I was able to take an almost-human shower, got shampoo in my hair for the first time since Thursday morning. That was wonderful. Got tired, though, so I had to stop there. Lunch is arriving soon and I'm proud to say I only watched about 30 min. of TV news today, otherwise have just read a book, showered, talked on the phone, and attempted this blog. So far, so good.

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wmw said...

Sorry to hear you are in there but glad you are staying sane and healthy so far!