Friday, January 18, 2008

I had a baby!

Dr decided on Thursday that Charlie was "better out than in." So, after another round of hurried phone calls, I was prepped for emergency C-Section and Charlie was born at 7:23pm! He cried after being pulled out and his scores were all normal. We only saw him briefly through the porthole and they whisked him off to the NICU (Neonatal Intesive Care Unit.)

Friday they put me on the Magnesium drip again because I am still considered pre-eclampsic and will continue to be for the next few days. Doug was able to see Charlie right away as did Roman and all Grandparents. I was able to see him this afternoon when they brought him down for five minutes. They layed Charlie and me "skin to skin." It just brought a big smile to my face and he calmed right down. Guess there is some truth to that bonding feeling!

Charlie was on a CPAP (continous positive airway pressure) for about 12 hours but he's been pulled off and he is breathing on his own. He's been getting IV fluids but we are going to try bottle fluids on Saturday. He's got a head full of strawberry blond hair and very long fingers! He appears to be a fighter having pulled out his CPAP twice and attempting the various IV's as well!

I've been moved (finally!) to a post-partum room where I will be until discharged early to mid next week. I also walked for the first time this evening. They are still watching my blood pressure to make sure my pre-eclampsia doesn't worsen. The next few days will be hit or miss as I plan on spending lots of time with Charlie in the NICU. So don't panic if I don't answer the phone or don't write e-mails.

This blog was dictated by Amy to Doug as she is in a bit of a fog right now!


Nicole said...


Seriously - you're never allowed to scare us like that again!

Cat Hoemke said...

This is wonderful news! We've been on pins and needles for you all day! Here's to a quick recover for both of you!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to Amy, Doug & Roman!! 'been praying that all is well! He'll be blessed in your family and a blessing to all of you! love from linda and denny

wmw said...

Congratulations to all! Glad you all are doing well and hope and pray health and strength continue to improve.

Wendy (and Aaron and Anna)

Sheryl said...

Thank goodness everyone is alright! I'm glad that he's here safely and you are onyour way to recovery too. Besides, January babies are fantastic! :)
Congrats and love to you all!