Thursday, January 31, 2008

Good news yesterday

Charlie got his IV taken out on Wednesday afternoon! They felt he was digesting and gaining well enough that they could try him without. Notice the word try; it's always possible he'll need it again. But it was great to make that kind of progress - and be there to see it! Here he is, with no IV on his arms or legs:

They have also begun "non-nutrietive sucking," which I simply call "practice." Just to see if he knows what to do to get food in his mouth. He starts out strong but then gets kind of tired and just sits there; and that is pretty normal too. He will keep the tube in his nose (I was corrected and told it was a gavage (guh-vahge) tube, not a nasogastric tube) until they are confident he is sucking and doing everything properly, which could be a couple weeks or more. Then the nurse panicked me by saying, "...and the earliest he could go home is about 2-1/2 weeks!" Yikes! Still not prepared for that! I was also talking to a couple yesterday that was being discharged with twins, and they said they got one day's notice when their kids were being discharged - another couple were told the same day. So we better get crackin' at gathering the necessities.

My parents-in-law are here for a couple days, and so our house is going to be clean again and groceries bought. What great parents we both have. I'm keeping Roman home today just so he can "chill." Now if we could just practice picking up the house and putting things away, we'd be ahead of the game. This last picture is of me practicing different holds yesterday - it's supposed to be the football hold but Charlie really likes laying on his side. While we were doing that, I put my finger in the palm of his teeny hand and for the first time, he grabbed onto it and held. So sweet!

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