Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Fatigue - it runs in the family

I have had an interesting slide into the last trimester. My stomach has seemed to shrink overnight. Like Saturday I couldn't stop eating, and Sunday I couldn't eat a thing. It has been that way since, unfortunately - I am not hungry anymore, generally. I'm supposed to drink a lot of water, but there's no room for it in my stomach OR my bladder. And that old friend fatigue has come back to visit for good, I fear. I wake up about three times a night; around 1 or 1:30, around 4:00, and then again around 5 or 5:30, only a half hour before the alarm is going to go off. The only time I go to the bathroom is 4am, however; the other times are position changes.

Charlie is really rock-and-rolling in my belly now. Visual "waves" are noticeable; in fact, as I just finished that last paragraph, he moved around enough to make the laptop bounce on my lap. The kids at school make no bones about checking out my belly now - who wouldn't, when the great white whale is making her way through the classroom? They're pretty tolerant of me asking them to pick things up, or come up to me to answer questions instead of me wandering around the classroom as is my usual habit. I also have discovered upon return to work that I have to take almost twice as long to get anywhere. I used to jaunt down to my classroom with a minute or two before the bell rings; now I have to leave about 5 minutes earlier!

We started a new schedule here at the house that will only go for 3 weeks, fortunately. Rebekka has begun driver's training from 7-9pm, and I have started grad classes again on Mondays until 1opm, so Roman ends up staying up late to pick up Bekka. It took its toll on him already, he fell apart tonight when it was bedtime. Sobbing uncontrollably over nothing, really. It was odd. I don't think he even knew what was up or down by the time he brushed teeth. Luckily Bekka is only doing training for 3 weeks.

My grad classes are going to kick my butt. Well, only one of them. Talk about a ton of work! I tried to sign up for presentations and the like early on while I still have some energy, but I don't know how it will flow. That idea of getting my doctors to write me a note for work stoppage in early March is sounding better and better, although most things have to be done in February. I know what I'll be doing every weekend between now and middle of March!

I am taking Friday off work so one of the candidates for long-term subbing can be in my classroom. That's good, since we haven't put anything away since we got home from this past weekend (visits with my Dad's side of the family on Saturday and friends on Sunday). The house truly looks like the contents exploded. Between generous family, friends, and a coworker, we have some infant outfits, swaddling cloths, bath towels and washcloths, blankets, a floor gym, a mobile, a few toys, a swing, and a baby carrier/backpack, with a highchair & infant tub coming in March. Oh yeah, and a glider (sans ottoman) we bought off some other friends that will go in the living room eventually. Between the things we have packed away that we need to get out, and things that we loaned that are coming back our way by the end of the month, we'll be okay, I think.

Lastly and the best, is that Doug has agreed I have suffered long enough and I get to have a prenatal massage next week. Was recommended a lady (daughter of a secretary at school, actually) who does home visits in the evening. So she'll be coming over at 8pm on Tuesday, massage table in hand, for an hour of bliss. My back can't wait!

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