Thursday, January 31, 2008

Even MORE great news.. and I prepare for battle

Charlie is a champ. Even if he takes a step or two backward now, I know he's a champ. He had reached the point that they were dropping humidity every 12 hours. Well, he was handling the drops so well, and was already on room air, that they have removed him from his incubator and put him in a regular isolette! He also is getting 31cc of milk a feeding (that's a touch over an ounce) and holding it down well. Lastly, he has gained another 10 grams! The nurse said tonight that she was really hoping for a big poop to prove that everything is "flowing" well but he's just doing awesome.

So, this also means that the battle for milk delivery is upon us. Will I breastfeed? Will I bottle feed? I have encountered "whatever" nurses on this debate already, and I have had an adamant breastfeeding nurse already. I will tell you, gentle readers, that I did agree to try breast "non-nutrietive sucking" so I could make an educated and informed decision on whether I would breast or bottle feed. I had not planned to breastfeed at all; since he's so little, I agreed to pump. This next jump, I just wasn't sure. So I tried it for 2 days and I need to admit, I'm not 100% into the idea... which I feel I need to be, or it's just not going to be worth it. So I did tell the nurse today that I've decided to bottlefeed while I'm pumping... I also told the lactation consultant who stopped by to see if I had questions. She was pretty nice about it... but the nurse-breast-Nazi is on this weekend, so I'm going to have to stay strong to tell her NO.

When I'm holding Charlie and he's all bundled up and looking at me with those big blue eyes, I don't feel any more motherly or connected to him if he's at my breast or if I'm holding a bottle. And with that being said, they also may try bottle-feeding for real tomorrow to see if he can figure out how to suck/swallow/breathe, which if you think about it, is awfully complicated for a 32-1/2 weeker. Which is another funny thing I've noticed - They still refer to Charlie by his "in the womb" age. And we're going to have to practice "adjusted age" speak. Meaning, Charlie may be 8 months old but "adjusted age" would be 5-1/2 months. What a challenge for non-math people like me.

And Roman is funny. While his world has turned upside down, he still is proud to be a big brother!


Cat Hoemke said...

I think you've got to do what's comfortable and as long as your baby is getting your milk, who cares how it gets there? :) I'm going to be giving it a shot, but I've already said that it depends on the baby and what works to get him fed.

Glad to hear he is doing so well. Let me know about that sling idea, btw. :)

Nicole said...

I'm SOOOO excited for you and for Charlie! I can't wait to come see you - even if I won't get to see Charlie!

michdaug said...

What a nice shirt. You are going to be a great big brother.
I am happy to hear all the news. Amy, we really need to talk. I felt the same way with Kaelyn. It was hard to make a with so many other things going on.