Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Eat, sleep, & poop

Very important things, those three. Charlie is doing well at all of them. They raised his intake to 28cc today, almost an ounce a feeding. I got to "kangaroo" him twice today, late morning before lunch, then again in the afternoon. At 2pm was a big deal - I turned him over from tummy to back for the first time myself (so tiny! so fragile!), and then I changed his teeny tiny diaper! See evidence:

Then I "kangaroo'd" for about 1-1/2 hours. Charlie is getting very squirmy, trying to move his head, stretching, getting more comfortable while on me. And he's just adorable, and cute, and little, and sweet. He still weighs just about 3.7-ish pounds. The nurse said that he probably won't "grow" much more before he comes homes, but he will fill out and add weight. So we definitely will have to start looking at preemie-adaptation devices for bassinet, carseat, etc.

The funniest part about today? Charlie pooped on me. It's been awhile since I've fastened a diaper (about 1-1/2 years, truly) and changing Charlie's made me nervous, so it was much looser around the legs than it should have been. While holding him, my Mom and I could hear him pooping and I immediately worried... and sure enough, he blasted out the side of the diaper onto my shirt. Well, Doug's shirt, to be exact, as it was a button-down. But nurse said it was all good - if he keeps taking bigger meals and having big poops, they will look to remove the IV Thursday or Friday. Then they'll start work teaching him the whole suck-swallow-breathe mechanics so he can feed from a bottle. Here's us kangaroo-ing (before application of the warm cozy blanket):

Roman asked this morning if he could have as many brothers as he wanted. I explained that meant Daddy and I would have to have more kids, which isn't something we wanted to do. I finally got out of him that he was hoping for a brother that he could play with. Obviously Charlie isn't the picture-perfect brother of Roman's dreams! I assured Roman that instead of a brother to play with, he had his buddies at preschool & would meet more friends in the neighborhood once he went to kindergarten. He seemed okay with that, but the poor boy... I think he was hoping Charlie would come out ready to play Star Wars.


michdaug said...

He is such a little peanut. I love that you get to hold him so much. That must just be wonderful.

Angela "O" said...

He's so adorable! I'm glad that things are going well! The kids were so excited to hear your voice today...