Monday, January 14, 2008


There's a mystery doctor that checks in every night around 2 or 3am. I have no idea who she is or why she's stopping by. She asks me a couple questions, pokes my ankles, and then leaves. Weird.
My regular OB came around today, the same one who was on call when I went to the hospital on Friday. I'm kind of sad that they probably won't be delivering Charlie, since I like a couple of them very much now. She told me frankly that she truly believed I was going to have to deliver this weekend, and she was pleased to see I proved her wrong. She said whatever it was that made me go to the hospital, it was a blessing. Thank goodness for that!
The neonatologist also came by to see me today and present "worst case scenarios." Doug and I are both that way, though - give us the worst, and we'll be pleased when things aren't bad. Most of it was unsurprising (lung, eye, and brain issues with a preemie) but a couple things we'll have to talk about - breastfeeding, for example. I hadn't planned on doing it, but for a preemie needing my antibodies, I suppose I might try it, distasteful as it seems to me. Something I'll have to think on.
I have a parade of nurses at my beck and call, which I do not take advantage of yet. I try to wait until they are in the room and then ask a favor like closing my blinds, refilling my water pitcher with ice, etc. I don't want to be "that woman in that room" especially if I'm here as long as I should be.
There are lots of things in my brain I'm starting to think on to write about. Just trying to get a rhythm for my days first. I had a coworker stop by with cards from staff & kids, which was fun to see. I can imagine there are a lot of parents in Plymouth explaining preeclampsia & birth to their kids right about now. Which makes me kind of giggle. I mean, a lot of the parents didn't even know officially I was pregnant...

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