Friday, January 25, 2008

Daddy Kangaroo

A quick blog tonight because it's been a very long day - pictures tomorrow. I spent a good portion of the day at the hospital today, which made me happy. My parents have returned to their home after a week of my Mom supporting us, of which I am so darn grateful for (the support, not them returning home!). Doug's parents came for a short visit this afternoon and then took Roman to their house for the weekend, so Doug and I can have a couple days to rest & digest all that has happened. There are lots of funny small stories that I'd like to blog, along with lots of feelings to wrestle with (and share with the world, of course), so I'm hoping to have some quiet time to do that.

Charlie began taking milk again at noon, and had 2 more subsequently. Only 4cc but it's a start. He kangaroo'd with me twice and was awake for part of that time, so that was neat - to know that he was awake and hearing me. Tonight after Roman and his grandparents took off, Doug and I went back to the hospital, where Daddy finally got to hold his second son. We also had our first "family portrait" taken of the three of us. Like I said, pictures tomorrow. Do you find it interesting that both family portraits, with Roman and with Charlie, were taken in a hospital? There were both born on a Thursday, too. Hmm.

We got to talk with Dr. Magdalena (her last name is foreign and complicated), the resident in charge of Charlie, and complimented her in front of the head of Neonatology when she did her rounds presentation this evening. Dr. Magdalena is Polish & German, but grew up mostly in West Germany. We had a nice chat with her this evening and got to know her a little bit. I have a feeling a lot of these drs. and especially nurses will become pretty good acquaintances before this adventure is over.

Anyway, we're both pretty exhausted and looking forward to sleeping in - or what counts for sleeping in when you have to pump every 3 hours or so. More tomorrow.

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Nicole said...

Glad to hear he is back on the fluids. Also that you two have some time to yourselves - you absolutely need it!