Sunday, January 13, 2008

Bedside report, day #2

Another day in the belly is a good day. My bp has been creeping up, which they are watching, but my mind doesn't like to rest (and neither does my appetite), which I think can account for the high numbers. My urine test from Friday came back; they like to see protein between 0-300+, and I was at 1650+. So they are going to redo it starting Monday a.m. to make sure it's not getting worse.

Charlie is doing just fine on the monitor, no big deal. I'm not having contractions anymore, which is good too. So I get tricked into thinking everything is fine. The dr. and nurse reassured me today, however, that half of the worry is me - if my bp keeps going up high I am at risk for stroke, seizure, and all kinds of fun things. So they've been taking it, oh, probably every 4 hours. I may have to actually pay attention to that tomorrow.

Both Roman and Doug have been troopers but are also exhausted. Roman was in bed by 6:45pm tonight and asleep by 7pm, from what I was told; that was as Doug informed me he was going to bed by 9:30pm. I am signing off too after I finish this update.

Again, everyone has been so great and supportive with offers to help; I'm sure as things calm down and we fall into a routine, then we may begin to call on those offers. Hopefully I'm here a long time and we can use up everyone's goodwill. Dr. said having baby now guarantees 2 months in the NICU, so I have decided that I will stay here and play "oven" for awhile.

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