Thursday, January 03, 2008

2008 will bring...

As the new year came upon us, one of the thoughts forefront in our brains was - "oh my gosh, we're having a baby this year." As I mentioned earlier, we truly were not planning or buying or really, even thinking about the arrival of the infant. Well, now we have to. So for us, 2008 will bring a new life into our home - and changes that are going to begin today, as I go basement-picking at a friend's house for "baby stuff" and start lugging home a highchair, a Boppy pillow, a floor-gym, and various other gear that she may have.

For Roman, 2008 will bring just as many changes. A new life into our family means he will really have to share his Mama & Daddy. Even with Rebekka, our focus rarely changes from what's best for Roman and he typically still gets at least one parent's attention. With Charlie coming, Roman is going to learn the meaning of family - as in sharing time, space, and attention. However, 2008 will also bring a HUGE new stage for Roman - he will begin Kindergarten in the Fall. Some days I thought it wouldn't come fast enough, and now I can't believe he's that big.

We had been hoping to do a family vacation in 2008, but it appears that a couple weekend getaways for camping is about all we're going to squeeze out. I had also hoped to arrange a weekend just for Doug and I (as we know no family members are willing to take on an infant to weekend-sit!) before Charlie arrives, but Rebekka has succeeded in getting overnight passes pulled away from her so we don't believe we'll get away now. Ah, well. We'll have to make her babysit a few evenings instead.

In baby-growing news, I have reached the start of my last trimester - I'm 7 months now. All is the same, really - constant swollen feet, shoulder & backaches, numbness in my thumb and first 2 digits of both hands - makes for fun days. Rebekka has pointed out that I am close to waddling now - but that's more because my feet & ankles hurt. Because of the crazy hours around New Year's Eve, I was up until 1 or 1:30 a couple nights this week and noticed Charlie really going to town in my belly - tap dancing, I believe. Every couple days I appear to have grown outward, too. Emotionally I have gotten worse - drama on television or books is now off-limits because I don't just tear up, I sob. Very soon any decisions will have to be off-limits too!

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