Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Stop the world, I want to get off!

Here's the thing. I'd be overwhelmed anyway with the stuff going on this week, even if there was no religious holiday fast approaching. And throw in the fact I don't think I'll be done with that shopping until, oh, December 24, and you've got one stressed out pregnant lady. Ankles began swelling yesterday, fingers too - I don't have an ankle bone in the evening anymore. I actually flat-out couldn't fit into my shoes today. I think I'm going to buy a pair of soled "mocs" from K-Mart to wear at school. They'll go with everything.

So I made a list of all the things I needed to get done before December 22nd, which is when my vacation officially begins. Two of the things - major things, in my opinion - that I really wanted to get done, are going to be put off. I guess this is God's way of teaching me how to prioritize. And a lot of the things I need to do are quick - a couple phone calls, a letter - but I have to organize my thoughts beforehand and probably end up doing "follow ups" afterward, so I just decided about 15 minutes ago that I won't do them until after Christmas. So there.

Grad class is looming, too - 2 of the last 3 classes I need are starting in January. And if I can't even balance my life right now, how am I ever going to do grad class homework? I'll tell you one thing - I think after about the second or third week of January (when classes really get going), there will be absolutely no traveling outside this house on weekends. Oh yeah, and then there's that whole baby thing coming up.

Roman has become an interesting character too, but I'll save him for a whole posting by himself. Tomorrow. I'm going to bed, having just finished creating one worksheet, revamping another, and grading four sets of papers. Oh yeah, and helping Bekka make a "wants" vs. "needs" list for her to continue Recovery, and we went to Scooter Club at church, and Doug had a doctor's appointment and had an infected cyst lanced, and...


Cat Hoemke said...

In the mornings I am so *hopeful* that I will get something done today. By evening, I've turned into a puddle of laziness, happy to be getting dinner and getting to bed. When do the classes end next year? Do you know yet if you're taking any time off before the birth? These are the kind of questions we've been wrestling with. I think march is just going to be a tight month and I will learn to live with that. :/

Anyway, hang in there, there are 12 days of christmas after all to get things done, and who doesn't enjoy an epiphany card? :)

Amy said...

I'm thinking of celebrating the Russian Christmas, which occurs January 7. That buys me another couple weeks!

Nicole said...

My last trimester I bought a pair of slip on sandals I wore everywhere and with everything. It didn't matter that they weren't company dress code. The president came to speak at Graduation and the campus director sent out an email reiterating proper dress - I walked to his office and said "I'm wearing these" . . . . His response was "Of course you are!"

wmw said...

Ethiopian Christmas is also Jan 7, which is the girl's birthday as well--I think I too need to figure out how to use this to my advantage!

We arrive on the farm on the 24th. Taking the red-eye so may be napping, but hope it works out for you to come so we'll see you!