Saturday, December 29, 2007

Smart doctor boy

During bath tonight, I let Roman play while I went to the bathroom. His comment? "I hope you don't pee Skippy out!" Now, I thought this was actually pretty smart of him. I told him that it wouldn't happen, but before I could explain he says, "because Skippy comes from your privates." I then decided to explain that in a girl's body, there are 2 parts right next to each other - one that holds pee, and one that holds Charlie. And although they both come out near each other, there's no way Charlie would come out when I go to the bathroom. Roman still needed confirmation, however - "and he comes from your private area." And I agreed, yes, he does.

Can you tell what he's learning about at preschool? We did sign him up for a sibling class at the hospital in January, and it includes a tour of the hospital. So we kill two birds with one visit, so to speak. Roman is pretty thoughtful about Skippy now, sometimes bringing me water "for you and Skippy" or every once in awhile, patting my belly or trying to talk into it to see if the baby reacts. Sweet, really. We visited some friends last night for dinner, and their 4-year-old girl had a Baby Alive. Roman was very interested in feeding and holding it, which we took as a good omen. Of course, maybe I should mention that later he took a pretend drill to its forehead. But we'll overlook that part for now!

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