Monday, December 10, 2007

Numbness, tingling, & different movement

In the week since I had the stomach virus, things have been fine physically. Well, Rebekka has a cold, but we figure that's better than the other. Emotionally, we have found Roman to be more and more clingy. He spent the weekend at my parents but apparently day 2 brought lots of crying and wanting his Mama. He keeps asking to go with Daddy or I to work just so he can "keep our company." Sweet boy.

For Rebekka, this week brought a couple issues crashing down upon her. Apparently she was up to her old tricks on the last few home passes, going out drinking with her brother after her mom went to bed. Mom finally lost it, calling the social worker and telling her she no longer wants Rebekka coming home. So not only is Bekka caught in lying & having possibly some pretty bad consequences come down on her again (boot camp, or worse - back in front of a judge), her mom doesn't want her at the house. This week will bring some interesting consequences and decisions, I think.

Skippy, meanwhile, is tucked into his little watery womb. So comfortable, in fact, that I was beginning to worry Saturday that I didn't feel him moving around much since the vomiting episode. Sunday I finally did, but it is different - I think he's been busy growing and instead of little taps, I now feel thumps. As a result of having to sleep on my side all night, I've got some pretty bad knots in my left shoulder to the point that I have constant numbness/tingling in my left-hand thumb, pointer, and middle finger. Doug is doing the best he can to work them out, but I suspect there will need to be a massage or two before this pregnancy is through.

Other than that, I am entering week 25 feeling just fine. I now "lead with my tummy" when I walk, which is pretty funny to see - my belly enters the room a couple seconds before I do. And it will only get worse! Doug and I have mentally put off planning or prepping for Skippy until after Christmas, but that time is coming pretty fast now.

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