Friday, December 21, 2007

Let the wild rumpus start!

I read the book "Where the Wild Things Are" to Roman tonight. It has been a long time since he picked that book, and I was very pleased. And what other phrase could be more appropriate for the 4-day slide toward Christmas Day? Roman already can't sleep, he's so excited. He knows that going to Grandma & Papa's (VE) is the start of presents, and Santa's visit isn't too far off now. Even Rebekka is as excited as she can be - the "law" came down that she has to be with us through the holidays and can't visit her own family until the 26th. But she's interested in checking out our parents' homes; especially mine, since it's also where I grew up.

Our shopping is done, our packing is almost done, and we head out tomorrow. Hope everyone has a great celebration of the birthday of Jesus!

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