Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Home at last

We arrived back home today, thankful for once that we only had to drive to our destinations for Christmas. Everyone we know of that had to fly, ran into mishaps. My own brother-in-law and wife spent 8 hours at the Atlanta airport Saturday when their flight was canceled; I called another friend who was supposed to be in the area from Colorado, and they had gotten hung up in Chicago. I had also hoped to see that friend's niece and family from Oregon-way... who knows if they made it on time.

So in the end, it was just family to see, which is busy enough in itself. By night 3 of the 4-night excursion, Roman was pleading to come home because he missed his "cozy bed." I hear you, buddy. But the visits were great, we saw all the extended family (except my brother, who made it to New Mexico, and Doug's brother, who stayed put in South Dakota). Roman reports he had a happy Christmas, although the excitement just wasn't this year like there was last year; maybe because we were on the road so long. He honestly didn't remember what day it was Christmas Morning. He quickly got excited, but what kid forgets about Santa?

All of us are home for another 6 days, which is nice. Don't know if much of anything is going to get done, although going to the movies has been discussed. It appears that Rebekka had a good time visiting our families, although I know she was anxious to see her own family today. She will be there until 9pm tomorrow, and then no more home passes the rest of break. And in unborn-baby news, we did tell family what the chosen name is. But I'll make the rest of you sweat it out until the next post!

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