Friday, December 28, 2007

Favorite Things

It's a couple days post-Christmas, and here's what the family is happy about:

Doug: The book "Roadshow" from Steinmans and all the new shirts he got from his parents.
Amy: The new nightgown from my parents (SO COZY!) and the gift cert. to JCP from VEs. And Santa's early present of a new digital camera! (I've been using my mom's almost-10-years-old one).
Roman: Lego Star Wars II (Playstation) from Mama & Daddy, his "bendy guys" box hand-decorated by Baba, and the Criss-Cross-Crash Hot Wheels from VEs.
Rebekka: Is so pleased with everyone's generosity that she talks about everything in turn. Her mom got her a digital camera so she's over the moon with excitement.
Baby: Lots of newborn socks and a cute little hat to wear home from the hospital from Santa. Also a jack-in-the-box, which Roman never had.

Extended family is probably pleased to finally know the winning name of Skippy, although Roman continues to call him Skippy. We don't have a middle name selected yet, but the babe is here on out known as... Charlie. Yup, only Charlie, not Charles with a nickname. Mostly because we wanted a reflection of the Harry Potter series (being that we were reading the last one when we discovered the pregnancy) and something common, but not that you hear all the time... Charlie in the books, by the way, cares for dragons in Romania.

So the debate continues on middle names, although there are 3 possibilities at this time. But now I'm off to call the hospital to see if we can enroll Roman in a sibling class and tour the maternity suite soon.

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