Sunday, December 02, 2007

The ER, again

Last night's festivities were great. I even chanced a polka with my loving husband, but had to quit before it was over - an extra 15 pounds or so can really put a cramp in your polka-ing. We did go to the bookstore first, but only after we tried a movie (and I got the theaters confused, and we went to the wrong one). Ah well, good intentions.

We got home, tired but happy. Rebekka thought she'd sleep with her door open because of needing heat in her room (first time she's tried this since she joined us). And then... 3:10am. Roman screaming, crying hysterically - he had thrown up in bed. I took boy duty, Doug took sheets duty, and we quickly closed Rebekka's door - nice try with the open door! We put Roman in bed with me for comfort, and Doug slept in Roman's bed. And then... 4:05am. I awoke to the sound of Roman getting sick again. He actually threw up two times in our bed before I could get him out and into the bathroom. I took boy duty, Doug took sheets duty again, and we tried a third time - Doug in Roman's bed, Roman on the couch next to a bucket, with me keeping vigil in a chair next to him. And then...

5:15am. Roman wakes up, turns over, and... throws up again in the bucket. I did have a proud moment, there - the bucket! Good boy. - and then went to wake Daddy and told him we were going to the ER again. We were afraid to give him anything, seeing as how he was vomiting practically on the hour, every hour.

We chose a different hospital this time around - St. Mary's, which is where I will be having Skippy if all things go well. We were VERY pleased. No shots, no IV, the worst thing was they did a throat swab. Then they gave him an anti-nausea dissolving tablet, a popsicle, waited for him to go to the bathroom and/or throw up (he didn't get sick again!), and sent us on our way just 2 hours later. Hooray!

So we unfortunately had to cancel all our fun plans today - Roman had a birthday party to attend which he slept right through, and we also had to cancel afternoon/dinner plans with our friends in Flushing. And we have to warn our babysitter to beware an upset tummy in the next few days. Doug was sick last week, Roman over the weekend... and now Rebekka and I live in fear.

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