Saturday, December 01, 2007

Deck the halls

Roman went to sleep last night with visions of decorating the house for Christmas. He kept telling me in what order we were going to do everything... "tree, then the train, then the ornaments!" Doug went out first thing this morning to get our Christmas decorations from the storage unit. When he got home, Roman raced to the window and watched as each box came in.

It turns out we need a new train around the Christmas tree. Forgot that the pistons on the main engine broke last year (too much weight from a little boy pushing it around on the carpet). So now the debate is, another big generic one or a Thomas one? Roman is wanting a Thomas one. I told Daddy I'd leave it up to him and Roman to work out.

As we were decorating the tree, Roman was getting all "Norman Rockwell" on us. That's what we call it when anyone is trying to plan the "perfect" day. (Myself included in that, by the way.) Anyway, Roman told us that after the tree was decorated, it was time to make cookies. He was so funny, planning out all the holiday cheer for us. And we do have some sugar cookies in the freezer. Won't be fancy Christmas ones, but Roman is determined to have this be a perfect day. His interest waned after the tree was mostly decorated, and so he went downstairs to play. I put up the rest of the decor. Since he's having naptime now, we'll bake cookies this afternoon when he gets up.

Roman has just been so awesome this week, and the only thing we can attribute it to is his new teacher at preschool, Miss Amy. This last week was her first full-time, and the attitude change in Roman is remarkable. In talking to his afternoon teacher, she said Miss Amy has much higher expectations than Miss Kristen had, who was very laid-back. What we get from Roman now is helpfulness, politeness, and following directions. Very eager to please. What we WERE getting from Roman was whining, acting out of control, and getting at least one timeout a day because he was talking back and giving us attitude. And Friday was the first day we got a GREAT report for the whole day, since about the second week of September. Yes, folks, that many bad reports, most of them saying "had a hard time listening" or "had a hard time following directions." My favorite was, of course, the "said an inappropriate word and would not follow directions."

Tonight is an exciting night - we have a babysitter coming because we're going to a Big Band dinner-dance at church. New babysitter, an 8th grader from church who Roman just loves. She is coming earlier than we need, and Doug and I just can't decide what to do... browse a bookstore for as long as we want? Do some small Christmas shopping? Go to a coffeeshop and have an uninterrupted conversation? Try to sneak in a movie before we need to be at church? My bet is the bookstore, but we'll see...

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