Sunday, December 16, 2007

Challenges of the kids

Hit with quite a snowstorm last night, we woke up to about 5 inches this morning, with probably another 2"since then. Sunday School was canceled, but we still attempted church - only about 50 of us managed to get there. It was kind of fun, nonetheless. Yesterday we did get a little bit more shopping done, but there are still about three more stores I have to hit to be fully done. I hate shopping after work, but it looks like that's my fate since we can't really get out today!

Roman has been quite a challenge the past week or so. He has turned into quite a clingy boy; mostly with me, but sometimes with his Daddy. There are a variety of reasons for this - it's pretty normal at his age to do this again, we've had to spend a lot of time with Rebekka recently in meetings, and the obviousness of a new brother on the way has all combined to make Roman want our undivided attention. This has led to some really cozy moments - lots more cuddling, holding hands, sitting on our laps - and some really not fun moments, like crying out of control because Daddy is putting him to bed instead of Mama, or because Mama has to do schoolwork and can't play for now. He's been better this weekend because we spent the whole weekend together, and even Rebekka has spent time with him painting in the basement, which he loves. We're also having him stay home between the 21st until after New Year's; we've usually had him go back to Red Bell so we can gain our sanity. But he keeps asking to stay home and play, and he's getting some cool toys this year so we said okay.

Rebekka has also been a challenge, but in a very different way. She is trying very hard not to let her family issues get in the way when she's at our house, and usually she succeeds. But her mom is giving her a hard time about Christmas, which is truly up in the air right now, and we're just trying to get her life settled. We have yet another meeting with her social worker to determine if she will continue to go to group counseling or not, and whether she will be going to our local high school until the end of the year or into a GED program. The only plus-side of all this indecision is that she's been able to actually get together with friends her own age. She went to the mall with a neighbor and her dad yesterday, and today we allowed her to go play in the snow with the same girl for a couple hours. She is just a kid at heart, which is funny.

The only true problem on our horizon is figuring out, with us visiting family for Christmas, if/when Rebekka will see her family. We're hoping to get to the bottom of that in the next couple days.

Skippy, on the other hand, is being referred to by his most-likely name at our house now - if you really want to know what his name is going to be, you can ask Roman; he can't keep a secret! My ankles began swelling, truly out of the blue, on Wednesday. They're like tree trunks. Tender, too. This weekend has been better because I can stop and put my feet up, but at school it's pretty sad to see them - feet spilling over my shoes, even. I have had, relatively speaking, a pretty easy pregnancy so I guess some ankle-swelling for 3-1/2 months isn't too bad. I have another OB appt. on Tuesday to check for gestational diabetes and check that heartbeat is all fine - and then a merry Christmas!

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