Saturday, December 29, 2007

Smart doctor boy

During bath tonight, I let Roman play while I went to the bathroom. His comment? "I hope you don't pee Skippy out!" Now, I thought this was actually pretty smart of him. I told him that it wouldn't happen, but before I could explain he says, "because Skippy comes from your privates." I then decided to explain that in a girl's body, there are 2 parts right next to each other - one that holds pee, and one that holds Charlie. And although they both come out near each other, there's no way Charlie would come out when I go to the bathroom. Roman still needed confirmation, however - "and he comes from your private area." And I agreed, yes, he does.

Can you tell what he's learning about at preschool? We did sign him up for a sibling class at the hospital in January, and it includes a tour of the hospital. So we kill two birds with one visit, so to speak. Roman is pretty thoughtful about Skippy now, sometimes bringing me water "for you and Skippy" or every once in awhile, patting my belly or trying to talk into it to see if the baby reacts. Sweet, really. We visited some friends last night for dinner, and their 4-year-old girl had a Baby Alive. Roman was very interested in feeding and holding it, which we took as a good omen. Of course, maybe I should mention that later he took a pretend drill to its forehead. But we'll overlook that part for now!

Friday, December 28, 2007

Favorite Things

It's a couple days post-Christmas, and here's what the family is happy about:

Doug: The book "Roadshow" from Steinmans and all the new shirts he got from his parents.
Amy: The new nightgown from my parents (SO COZY!) and the gift cert. to JCP from VEs. And Santa's early present of a new digital camera! (I've been using my mom's almost-10-years-old one).
Roman: Lego Star Wars II (Playstation) from Mama & Daddy, his "bendy guys" box hand-decorated by Baba, and the Criss-Cross-Crash Hot Wheels from VEs.
Rebekka: Is so pleased with everyone's generosity that she talks about everything in turn. Her mom got her a digital camera so she's over the moon with excitement.
Baby: Lots of newborn socks and a cute little hat to wear home from the hospital from Santa. Also a jack-in-the-box, which Roman never had.

Extended family is probably pleased to finally know the winning name of Skippy, although Roman continues to call him Skippy. We don't have a middle name selected yet, but the babe is here on out known as... Charlie. Yup, only Charlie, not Charles with a nickname. Mostly because we wanted a reflection of the Harry Potter series (being that we were reading the last one when we discovered the pregnancy) and something common, but not that you hear all the time... Charlie in the books, by the way, cares for dragons in Romania.

So the debate continues on middle names, although there are 3 possibilities at this time. But now I'm off to call the hospital to see if we can enroll Roman in a sibling class and tour the maternity suite soon.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Home at last

We arrived back home today, thankful for once that we only had to drive to our destinations for Christmas. Everyone we know of that had to fly, ran into mishaps. My own brother-in-law and wife spent 8 hours at the Atlanta airport Saturday when their flight was canceled; I called another friend who was supposed to be in the area from Colorado, and they had gotten hung up in Chicago. I had also hoped to see that friend's niece and family from Oregon-way... who knows if they made it on time.

So in the end, it was just family to see, which is busy enough in itself. By night 3 of the 4-night excursion, Roman was pleading to come home because he missed his "cozy bed." I hear you, buddy. But the visits were great, we saw all the extended family (except my brother, who made it to New Mexico, and Doug's brother, who stayed put in South Dakota). Roman reports he had a happy Christmas, although the excitement just wasn't this year like there was last year; maybe because we were on the road so long. He honestly didn't remember what day it was Christmas Morning. He quickly got excited, but what kid forgets about Santa?

All of us are home for another 6 days, which is nice. Don't know if much of anything is going to get done, although going to the movies has been discussed. It appears that Rebekka had a good time visiting our families, although I know she was anxious to see her own family today. She will be there until 9pm tomorrow, and then no more home passes the rest of break. And in unborn-baby news, we did tell family what the chosen name is. But I'll make the rest of you sweat it out until the next post!

Friday, December 21, 2007

Let the wild rumpus start!

I read the book "Where the Wild Things Are" to Roman tonight. It has been a long time since he picked that book, and I was very pleased. And what other phrase could be more appropriate for the 4-day slide toward Christmas Day? Roman already can't sleep, he's so excited. He knows that going to Grandma & Papa's (VE) is the start of presents, and Santa's visit isn't too far off now. Even Rebekka is as excited as she can be - the "law" came down that she has to be with us through the holidays and can't visit her own family until the 26th. But she's interested in checking out our parents' homes; especially mine, since it's also where I grew up.

Our shopping is done, our packing is almost done, and we head out tomorrow. Hope everyone has a great celebration of the birthday of Jesus!

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Challenges of the kids

Hit with quite a snowstorm last night, we woke up to about 5 inches this morning, with probably another 2"since then. Sunday School was canceled, but we still attempted church - only about 50 of us managed to get there. It was kind of fun, nonetheless. Yesterday we did get a little bit more shopping done, but there are still about three more stores I have to hit to be fully done. I hate shopping after work, but it looks like that's my fate since we can't really get out today!

Roman has been quite a challenge the past week or so. He has turned into quite a clingy boy; mostly with me, but sometimes with his Daddy. There are a variety of reasons for this - it's pretty normal at his age to do this again, we've had to spend a lot of time with Rebekka recently in meetings, and the obviousness of a new brother on the way has all combined to make Roman want our undivided attention. This has led to some really cozy moments - lots more cuddling, holding hands, sitting on our laps - and some really not fun moments, like crying out of control because Daddy is putting him to bed instead of Mama, or because Mama has to do schoolwork and can't play for now. He's been better this weekend because we spent the whole weekend together, and even Rebekka has spent time with him painting in the basement, which he loves. We're also having him stay home between the 21st until after New Year's; we've usually had him go back to Red Bell so we can gain our sanity. But he keeps asking to stay home and play, and he's getting some cool toys this year so we said okay.

Rebekka has also been a challenge, but in a very different way. She is trying very hard not to let her family issues get in the way when she's at our house, and usually she succeeds. But her mom is giving her a hard time about Christmas, which is truly up in the air right now, and we're just trying to get her life settled. We have yet another meeting with her social worker to determine if she will continue to go to group counseling or not, and whether she will be going to our local high school until the end of the year or into a GED program. The only plus-side of all this indecision is that she's been able to actually get together with friends her own age. She went to the mall with a neighbor and her dad yesterday, and today we allowed her to go play in the snow with the same girl for a couple hours. She is just a kid at heart, which is funny.

The only true problem on our horizon is figuring out, with us visiting family for Christmas, if/when Rebekka will see her family. We're hoping to get to the bottom of that in the next couple days.

Skippy, on the other hand, is being referred to by his most-likely name at our house now - if you really want to know what his name is going to be, you can ask Roman; he can't keep a secret! My ankles began swelling, truly out of the blue, on Wednesday. They're like tree trunks. Tender, too. This weekend has been better because I can stop and put my feet up, but at school it's pretty sad to see them - feet spilling over my shoes, even. I have had, relatively speaking, a pretty easy pregnancy so I guess some ankle-swelling for 3-1/2 months isn't too bad. I have another OB appt. on Tuesday to check for gestational diabetes and check that heartbeat is all fine - and then a merry Christmas!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Stop the world, I want to get off!

Here's the thing. I'd be overwhelmed anyway with the stuff going on this week, even if there was no religious holiday fast approaching. And throw in the fact I don't think I'll be done with that shopping until, oh, December 24, and you've got one stressed out pregnant lady. Ankles began swelling yesterday, fingers too - I don't have an ankle bone in the evening anymore. I actually flat-out couldn't fit into my shoes today. I think I'm going to buy a pair of soled "mocs" from K-Mart to wear at school. They'll go with everything.

So I made a list of all the things I needed to get done before December 22nd, which is when my vacation officially begins. Two of the things - major things, in my opinion - that I really wanted to get done, are going to be put off. I guess this is God's way of teaching me how to prioritize. And a lot of the things I need to do are quick - a couple phone calls, a letter - but I have to organize my thoughts beforehand and probably end up doing "follow ups" afterward, so I just decided about 15 minutes ago that I won't do them until after Christmas. So there.

Grad class is looming, too - 2 of the last 3 classes I need are starting in January. And if I can't even balance my life right now, how am I ever going to do grad class homework? I'll tell you one thing - I think after about the second or third week of January (when classes really get going), there will be absolutely no traveling outside this house on weekends. Oh yeah, and then there's that whole baby thing coming up.

Roman has become an interesting character too, but I'll save him for a whole posting by himself. Tomorrow. I'm going to bed, having just finished creating one worksheet, revamping another, and grading four sets of papers. Oh yeah, and helping Bekka make a "wants" vs. "needs" list for her to continue Recovery, and we went to Scooter Club at church, and Doug had a doctor's appointment and had an infected cyst lanced, and...

Monday, December 10, 2007

Numbness, tingling, & different movement

In the week since I had the stomach virus, things have been fine physically. Well, Rebekka has a cold, but we figure that's better than the other. Emotionally, we have found Roman to be more and more clingy. He spent the weekend at my parents but apparently day 2 brought lots of crying and wanting his Mama. He keeps asking to go with Daddy or I to work just so he can "keep our company." Sweet boy.

For Rebekka, this week brought a couple issues crashing down upon her. Apparently she was up to her old tricks on the last few home passes, going out drinking with her brother after her mom went to bed. Mom finally lost it, calling the social worker and telling her she no longer wants Rebekka coming home. So not only is Bekka caught in lying & having possibly some pretty bad consequences come down on her again (boot camp, or worse - back in front of a judge), her mom doesn't want her at the house. This week will bring some interesting consequences and decisions, I think.

Skippy, meanwhile, is tucked into his little watery womb. So comfortable, in fact, that I was beginning to worry Saturday that I didn't feel him moving around much since the vomiting episode. Sunday I finally did, but it is different - I think he's been busy growing and instead of little taps, I now feel thumps. As a result of having to sleep on my side all night, I've got some pretty bad knots in my left shoulder to the point that I have constant numbness/tingling in my left-hand thumb, pointer, and middle finger. Doug is doing the best he can to work them out, but I suspect there will need to be a massage or two before this pregnancy is through.

Other than that, I am entering week 25 feeling just fine. I now "lead with my tummy" when I walk, which is pretty funny to see - my belly enters the room a couple seconds before I do. And it will only get worse! Doug and I have mentally put off planning or prepping for Skippy until after Christmas, but that time is coming pretty fast now.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

and the bug strikes again

Right. I no longer have to live in fear, seeing that I was sick today with the nasty vomiting bug. Woke up around 3am and 4am with what I thought to be heartburn, seeing as I've never had it but am expecting to eventually. I made it out of bed at 6:40, took a shower, and then... the ol' tell-tale got hot and sweaty, then really shivery. I knew I was going to be in trouble.

There must have been divine intervention, however, because I did not actually vomit until Roman was out of the house. So luckily he's not experienced his parents being sick yet, which I can imagine would be a scary thing. And, just like Roman, I was spot on, on the hour, the second time. But unlike previous times, we had filled Roman's prescription of Zofran, this neat little dissolvable tablet which is also safe for pregnant women. I took it and have not been sick since, although crampy, achey, and tired? - you bet.

I'm having water and applesauce for dinner. The boys are going to McDonald's. So now we should bet - anyone think Rebekka will get it?

Sunday, December 02, 2007

The ER, again

Last night's festivities were great. I even chanced a polka with my loving husband, but had to quit before it was over - an extra 15 pounds or so can really put a cramp in your polka-ing. We did go to the bookstore first, but only after we tried a movie (and I got the theaters confused, and we went to the wrong one). Ah well, good intentions.

We got home, tired but happy. Rebekka thought she'd sleep with her door open because of needing heat in her room (first time she's tried this since she joined us). And then... 3:10am. Roman screaming, crying hysterically - he had thrown up in bed. I took boy duty, Doug took sheets duty, and we quickly closed Rebekka's door - nice try with the open door! We put Roman in bed with me for comfort, and Doug slept in Roman's bed. And then... 4:05am. I awoke to the sound of Roman getting sick again. He actually threw up two times in our bed before I could get him out and into the bathroom. I took boy duty, Doug took sheets duty again, and we tried a third time - Doug in Roman's bed, Roman on the couch next to a bucket, with me keeping vigil in a chair next to him. And then...

5:15am. Roman wakes up, turns over, and... throws up again in the bucket. I did have a proud moment, there - the bucket! Good boy. - and then went to wake Daddy and told him we were going to the ER again. We were afraid to give him anything, seeing as how he was vomiting practically on the hour, every hour.

We chose a different hospital this time around - St. Mary's, which is where I will be having Skippy if all things go well. We were VERY pleased. No shots, no IV, the worst thing was they did a throat swab. Then they gave him an anti-nausea dissolving tablet, a popsicle, waited for him to go to the bathroom and/or throw up (he didn't get sick again!), and sent us on our way just 2 hours later. Hooray!

So we unfortunately had to cancel all our fun plans today - Roman had a birthday party to attend which he slept right through, and we also had to cancel afternoon/dinner plans with our friends in Flushing. And we have to warn our babysitter to beware an upset tummy in the next few days. Doug was sick last week, Roman over the weekend... and now Rebekka and I live in fear.

Saturday, December 01, 2007

Deck the halls

Roman went to sleep last night with visions of decorating the house for Christmas. He kept telling me in what order we were going to do everything... "tree, then the train, then the ornaments!" Doug went out first thing this morning to get our Christmas decorations from the storage unit. When he got home, Roman raced to the window and watched as each box came in.

It turns out we need a new train around the Christmas tree. Forgot that the pistons on the main engine broke last year (too much weight from a little boy pushing it around on the carpet). So now the debate is, another big generic one or a Thomas one? Roman is wanting a Thomas one. I told Daddy I'd leave it up to him and Roman to work out.

As we were decorating the tree, Roman was getting all "Norman Rockwell" on us. That's what we call it when anyone is trying to plan the "perfect" day. (Myself included in that, by the way.) Anyway, Roman told us that after the tree was decorated, it was time to make cookies. He was so funny, planning out all the holiday cheer for us. And we do have some sugar cookies in the freezer. Won't be fancy Christmas ones, but Roman is determined to have this be a perfect day. His interest waned after the tree was mostly decorated, and so he went downstairs to play. I put up the rest of the decor. Since he's having naptime now, we'll bake cookies this afternoon when he gets up.

Roman has just been so awesome this week, and the only thing we can attribute it to is his new teacher at preschool, Miss Amy. This last week was her first full-time, and the attitude change in Roman is remarkable. In talking to his afternoon teacher, she said Miss Amy has much higher expectations than Miss Kristen had, who was very laid-back. What we get from Roman now is helpfulness, politeness, and following directions. Very eager to please. What we WERE getting from Roman was whining, acting out of control, and getting at least one timeout a day because he was talking back and giving us attitude. And Friday was the first day we got a GREAT report for the whole day, since about the second week of September. Yes, folks, that many bad reports, most of them saying "had a hard time listening" or "had a hard time following directions." My favorite was, of course, the "said an inappropriate word and would not follow directions."

Tonight is an exciting night - we have a babysitter coming because we're going to a Big Band dinner-dance at church. New babysitter, an 8th grader from church who Roman just loves. She is coming earlier than we need, and Doug and I just can't decide what to do... browse a bookstore for as long as we want? Do some small Christmas shopping? Go to a coffeeshop and have an uninterrupted conversation? Try to sneak in a movie before we need to be at church? My bet is the bookstore, but we'll see...