Saturday, November 03, 2007

Ultrasound - the details

While most people know the important part by now - it's a boy! - there are more details that I will elaborate on here. My 7:30am appt. was canceled at 6:45am, disappointing everyone in the family. They called back around 8:15am and said that they had appts. available in Southfield. With some quick arranging, Doug and I agreed to a 10am appt. I had to quickly get people to cover my classes, I picked up Roman, Doug picked up Rebekka, and we arrived in time.

It was a nice setup, a little screen for me to view from the "table." You know, it's a bunch of white matter floating around until she pointed out body parts and then - holy crap! - there's a baby in there. And it was just amazing to see. Double amazing, because this was the first appt. Doug could make. His first time hearing the heartbeat, and just experiencing the baby, so that was neat. And watching him point things out to Roman on the screen, and Roman's amazement as well - that just made me very happy. Rebekka just stared at the screen, and she smiled and giggled a lot.

When we saw that the arm was moving - "waving" to us - Roman waved back at the screen. So adorable, I almost cried. We saw everything - heart, kidneys, brain, little jaw moving, full stomach, spine, femur, hands, knees, feet. Just incredible. Couldn't see if it was boy or girl at first, so I emptied my bladder so it had room to move. Still wouldn't move its legs, so the sonographer poked me in the belly a couple times, and LO! It was most definitely a boy. We admit, there was a flash of disappointment - it would have been nice to have a girl - but God knows what He's doing. I am not the kind of Mama that could raise a girl. So a boy is fine.

Rebekka, by the way, lost her bet with us - she thought it would be a girl, so now has to cook us dinner. We did all go out and celebrate last night at Cheeburger Cheeburger, where we all had - believe it or not - cheeseburgers. Again, a hint at my cravings - onion rings, burger w/feta, onion, & lettuce, and a cherry-chocolate shake. I've never had a feta burger in my life, yet those are the things I wanted.

So Skippy it is, although we have 3 names off the top of our head that we're rolling around... we'll start to make a list and see what happens. The name, however, will not be revealed until birth. Guess people have to have something to look forward to. Besides the kid, of course!


Cat Hoemke said...

congratulations again. I can only say I was completely blown away seeing the baby for the first time. I could only think "perfect." Also, something in the mail to you today, should be there Wednesday.

wmw said...

Congratulations! So cool that you could all be there together to see him introducing himself with a wave. :)


Sheryl said...

Congrats- the 'wave' sounds really cool. Happy for all:)