Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Thoughts on Thanksgiving

About 100 Pilgrims (who were Congregationalists, by the way) arrived in the New World. By fall of 1621, only about 50 total remained; 22 grown men, and the rest women and children. Even though things were already tense with the neighboring Natives, the Wampanoag, the Pilgrims decided to hold a harvest feast (which was common in England) and invite the neighbors. According to religious customs, it could not be a religious day of feasting, for only the governor could declare that.

Anyway, about 90 Natives showed up, including the chief. There is debate whether it was the chief's entire extended family, or just his warriors. Can you imagine being a Pilgrim woman and having 90 hungry Natives show up in your camp? I can barely cook for 4 some evenings. Well, it turned into a 3-day feast, and during the feast some Natives went out and shot some deer to help with the celebration. Otherwise, they ate fish, corn meal, various fowl, squashes, beans, and dried fruit. Mmmm.

Well, being a history teacher, I think about these things partially because it was so simple. No "Black Friday" to prepare for. No crabbing over if someone is working on the holiday. No football that HAS to be watched. The Pilgrims were just thankful for the harvest, that there was enough food, and that those who were still alive were healthy. And that really should be it.

So here's my "thankful" list. Even though there is a lot I wish I had, or want some things to change...
I'm thankful we have a house we can afford.
I'm thankful that Roman hasn't had allergy or bronchitis issues this fall.
I'm thankful I haven't had allergy or bronchitis issues this fall.
I'm thankful that Doug is more accepting of his job and the issues that go with it.
I'm thankful that Rebekka appears to be accepting her family the way they are, and is able to cope with it.
I'm thankful that there are no serious medical issues for anyone in my or Doug's extended family.
I'm thankful that I have a job that keeps my mind active.
I'm thankful that even though our bank accounts are less than what we could have, we always have enough.
I'm thankful that Skippy is appearing to be healthy.
I'm thankful that overall, this pregnancy is not as physically taxing as most women's appear to be.
I'm thankful that Roman has somewhere safe to go during the day and is already learning a lot.

In short, I have a house, a healthy family that loves each other, plenty of food in the pantry, and clothes in the closets. Life is good.

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