Sunday, November 04, 2007

Pictures of our boys

It's difficult to get pictures of Rebekka without her squinting like Popeye (or drooling, as she puts it), so today is just a picture of our boys. An adorable shot of Roman that was taken at preschool (don't worry grandparents, you've got a copy coming!). And a couple ultrasound pictures, since I can't resist. But no, I am NOT publishing Skippy's penis for the world to see.

Below: his left hand showing that he already knows sign language

Below: The right foot, which I feel quite a bit now

Below: The "crosshairs" are measuring his eyes; nose, chin, and bulbous chest follow to the right (he's lying on his back, looking directly toward you)

And our darling Roman, who took an awesome picture this year.

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