Sunday, November 25, 2007

Ode to the Kid Culture

First, a side note: Outlet malls are wonderful. Motherhood Maternity Outlet stores are even more wonderful. Parents who are willing to buy their surprisingly pregnant daughter a couple outfits, are the most wonderful. Thanks again!

So I was reading my friend Cat's blog, who is pregnant and due a couple weeks after me, and she is getting anxious for the gender-revealing ultrasound coming up this week. Tuesday, I think. Anyway, mainly anxious about the deciding factor of BOY or GIRL. I mean, that really does plan your life out - is it black-and-blue or pink-and-white? Anyway, I made a comment that it doesn't really matter, because Roman has asked for Polly Pockets for Christmas. And Cat, this being her first child, didn't know what Polly Pockets was. And I thought to myself... gosh... I've been in this underground Kid Culture for three years and already have forgotten what it was like to be a newbie.
So this post is for Cat, and anyone else who wants to know about my boy's interests and the things we like about Kid Culture.

Music: While starting out with the Wiggles, we have progressed. We still love Laurie Berkner, but I also really like Dan Zanes & Friends. His "House Party" CD rocks - I've been caught listening to it by myself in the car.

TV: We continue to steer Roman away from Cartoon Network. We do allow Spongebob Squarepants, though. His favorite shows on PBS include Curious George & Word World. I love Word World myself. Very creative! PBS was the best from the very beginning. As a babe, he liked Baby Einstein videos. My favorite is still "World Animals." Elmo was also favored, but his top was on Nick Jr., Blue's Clues as a little one, and Backyardigans at about 3. Now he has graduated to "Little Einsteins" sometimes on Disney channel, but he also likes Jo-Jo's Circus, which irritates me.

Movies: He still likes his Thomas videos, and is willing to watch any Disney video (any princess, too) except Lion King. Too scary. He likes "Beauty and the Beast" a lot.

TV/Movies/Songs: The best of the best, VeggieTales. Except we had to wait until he was about 3 for him to appreciate them. But now it's great.

Important Toys to Know: Dora the Explorer and her cousin, Diego, Animal Rescuer. Polly Pockets. Thomas the Tank Engine. The Littlest Pet Shop. Webkinz (except kids get on the Internet with them, so that's older kids). And Sesame Street is always popular!


Cat Hoemke said...

Thanks! This is very helpful. I'm just grateful that the wiggler will not really care about tv for many months so I can get a chance to look up some of this kid culture. :)

Nicole Kragt said...

You don't like JoJo's Circus? I like it - Perrin does too . . . . .

I cannot stand the stupid rabbit show on the Disney Channel. Johnny and the Sprites is growing on me. The Doodlebops make me queasy. And Perrin has a crush on Hannah Montana . . . .

Amy said...

We tried that rabbit show the other day and Roman said "nope! change it!"