Thursday, November 29, 2007

Nesting & the holidays

I love the holidays, partially because I buy into the whole "make the house cozy" idea. I also BUY, as in purchase, into the holidays as well. I love buying new candles, ornaments, decorations, whatever. Winter also tends to bring out these tendencies in me, to make the house all cozy and warm.

Well, this year is doubly hard because the pregnancy-nesting has begun. I want the house to be just the way I want it (or as close as possible) before Skippy arrives. And combine that with the holidays, and you've got a woman who wants to buy, buy, BUY! Today, for example, Doug mentioned that we should probably purchase a new shower rack. That got me to thinking about going to Bed, Bath, & Beyond. And THAT got me thinking about holiday placemats, and holiday napkins, and maybe a new candle because now that we don't have the cats we can light them, and....

So you see the danger. I think Doug may take my checkbook away soon!

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Sheryl said...

Ah!- a bit of holiday spending makes thee merry:)! It's also good for the soul- and the economy....LOL!
Happy shopping!