Wednesday, November 14, 2007

mental health day

Today I have taken the day off. It's lovely. I'm about ready to head in for a nap, after doing some little things around the house. I actually went downstairs twice (stairs leave me winded now, all this extra weight!) to do laundry - yes, I remembered how. Had a lot of little notes to catch up on, some address changes with friends, little requests and a Christmas list to update.

My mental health day serves another purpose, however - the person that is the candidate to take my classes when I start maternity leave is subbing for me today, and again at the end of the month when I have a curriculum day to attend. I left things to actually teach, rather than busy work, so he can get the feel of the kids and if this is going to be a spot he wants. Hopefully I'll return to a good review tomorrow.

Roman is obsessed with letters and spelling now. He wants to sound out and spell everything he hears. The English language is so frustrating, however! The poor boy can't keep his Cs and Ss straight, and I hate correcting him all the time because he's so proud of himself. He's also having trouble with hard Cs and Ks, and Gs and Js. I vote for getting rid of the letter C in its entirety. I suspect it won't be long before he's reading actual little words.

Rebekka is visiting her mom's house every weekend now, but with holidays coming up I expect more stress in our household. She won't come out and say she's preparing to go home, but we can just sense it. We've asked for a meeting with her social worker, etc. next week so we can know what's next in this whole thing - we both are betting she'll be back at her mom's home before Skippy is born. Her 17th birthday was on Monday and she had a good day. Both Growth Works and ourselves held a little celebration for her, and she got to spend the night at her mom's house this past weekend, so I think all was good.

Had an OB appointment on Monday, and the recent ultrasound placed my due date around March 16 due to Skippy measuring so big. Dr. said we'll reevaluate in January, and perhaps do another ultrasound, to see what's happening with size. My guess is, I better be ready March 1. Next OB appt. in December will be the sugar test for gestational diabetes.

Otherwise, things are just rolling along here. I feel caught unaware that Thanksgiving is so close, meaning that Christmas is bearing down on me quickly. I don't believe I'll be very prepared this year.


Cat Hoemke said...

March 16th is a *great* day to be born, imo. :)

Nicole said...

Don't believe a word they say - prepare physcially for a February 1 birth and mentally for an April 16 birth. Skippy will come out when he is good and ready regardless of what to doctor's say.