Friday, November 16, 2007

Kids, all shapes & sizes

Roman had diarrhea for the first time in his life last night. I tell you, those Russians grow 'em strong - he's only thrown up once, too, and that was from a virus. I think it was just too much "crap" since Halloween; candy, cookies, ice cream cake for Bekka's birthday, etc.... he was up three times early this morning. I took the 4:00am crying-call (the third of the night) and ended up making him a jelly sandwich (by this time he was hungry, too), and then crawling in bed with him and rubbing his back until he finally fell asleep. Doug woke us up around 6:30am, but needless to say the whole family is a bit tired. We're doing Movie Night tonight. I guess just a sneak preview of what's to come when Skippy arrives!

Skippy has been busy plumping the pillows or something in my uterus, but now there's a definite rhythm to when I feel him moving around. I notice him first thing in the morning, then again around 10-11am... awake through 4th hour, then he's down for the count from about 1pm to 8pm or 8:30, when I think he's up all night. Doug and Roman still haven't been able to feel him much - Doug got a swift kick about a week ago, but we also don't have much time to lay around all cozy and feeling my belly, either.

Speaking of the belly, the kids finally have figured out my "condition" at school. It appears a student overheard a teacher talking about my pregnancy, she asked me, and I said yes - and then gave her permission to spread the news. Thank goodness that is out. I feel much more relaxed. My 7th graders haven't said anything yet, but I'm sure it's a matter of time.

Bekka has a whole-weekend home pass, and apparently will be home for Thanksgiving Day and returning Friday. It will be interesting to see how the holidays play havoc with her.

I would blog more, but Doug just walked in with dinner - Taco Bell. Yet another drama in our life, the darn slow cooker didn't turn on today so our beautiful rump roast will have to wait until tomorrow. Ah, life.

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