Saturday, October 13, 2007

Things to be happy about

Yesterday and today were just one happy "yay" things after another. So I thought I would list them.
Friday: Aztek retrieved from shop and rattle is fixed. Issue with rental car has been made to go away with no cost to us. Green bean casserole, which used to be the bane of my dinner-existence as a child, was not only good on Thursday, it was good as leftovers! We went to a football game to see one of my former students play. Roman was awesome. So good, we stayed until the end. Roman couldn't wait to meet his first football player. We got to go out on the field and everything, which thrilled Roman to run into the end zone with his Daddy. Roman remained a sweet boy all night.

Saturday: Even though I was "on duty" to get up with Roman (6:30am!) Doug did anyway. I took Rebekka to a meeting at a mall and Roman and I wandered for an hour. He was sweet, again. While gone, the carpet cleaners came and cleaned our entire house. Got home, had lunch. Rebekka and I went out and about for Halloween decor and to my haircut. Roman slept for 2-1/2 hours. Doug even slept. Rebekka got an hour to herself in town while I got my haircut. I got a new color.... went back to my brown roots, so to speak. Roman agreed to not one, but TWO different "art" projects (painting and putting together a foamie haunted house). After all that, Doug still agreed to go out to dinner tonight to Outback as I was craving steak. Again. Rebekka went to work, Roman went to bed sweetly yet again.

So many little things that add up to a very great couple days.

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