Monday, October 22, 2007

The taste of Mountain Fresh Dial

Roman. Roman, Roman, Roman. Stubborn, wants to be in control, doesn't follow directions, Roman.

Roman thought he'd have some quiet fun by repeating the word "penis" over and over to his friend Ethan, to make him laugh during Circle Time. He was caught and told it was a word that shouldn't be used at that time, and to stop. He kept doing it. He was told to stop again. He finally did.

When I asked him about what happened, he lied. He said he never said that word. When I kept pushing, he finally admitted it. When I then asked him about saying it even though his teacher said to stop, he lied again. I finally did get him to admit the truth. But the damage was done ~ not the first time he hasn't done what a teacher has told him (the third in as many weeks, I believe), but this time he lied to me twice. So a firm consequence was in order.

After talking it over with Daddy (who was going to be TOO firm, in my opinion) and my own ideas (too lenient, in Doug's opinion), Rebekka finally suggested soap in the mouth. And that made Doug and I both happy. Well happy... not really. But a good consequence.

So Roman got to taste Mountain Fresh Dial this evening. He kicked, screamed, pursed his mouth shut, and it took both Doug and I to hold him down and get it in his mouth. Terrible, really, the way I'm describing it. But the boy has been cruising for a smush-down for quite a few days, really. And he went to bed early and was asleep by 7:00pm... think that has anything to do with it?!

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