Monday, October 15, 2007

Politics & Babies

I believe I am secretly a Libertarian. My school has a mix of Republicans, Democrats, and "who cares" so political talk at lunch is always interesting. A liberal coworker sent the following link to a few of us, which if you take the time to answer and adjust your priority scale, will help find the presidential candidate that has beliefs similar to yourself. And here are my results...

100% Theoretical, nonexistent candidate
63% Alan Keyes, African-American Republican
60% John Edwards, Democrat
60% John McCain, very moderate Republican
57% Barack Obama, Democrat
56% Tom Tancredo, Republican
54% Hillary Clinton, Democrat
54% Joseph Biden, Democrat
53% Rudolph Giuliani, Republican
53% Al Gore, Democrat (not announced)

I keep telling anyone who listens that if they can find a qualified black candidate of the Republican persuasion, they will take the White House. Apparently Alan Keyes isn't that guy, since I haven't heard much about him. So apparently my choice is between John Edwards and John McCain. So I think I'll vote for Obama.

As for babies, a midwife at church recommended the Chinese conception calendar to find out gender of Skippy. She swears it is 95% accurate. And the Chinese believe I will have....


Nicole said...

Okay - I was about to say "YAY!" but then I checked it was wrong for Perrin.

Amy said...

Yeah, I noticed that. :(