Saturday, October 20, 2007

The onion has moved!

I am 17-1/2 weeks currently (actually, I'll flip to "18 weeks" on Monday). According to, my current Internet bible, Skippy/ette is the size of a large onion. Like Doug says, "we're not talking red onion, we're talking Spanish onion." Anyway, for the last couple weeks we've read that women at my weekage can feel the baby move if they lay real still on their backs ~ that it would feel like a "flutter" or "bubbles." Well, a couple times I thought I felt it but couldn't be sure, so figured nah, it will come eventually.

Well, eventually was this morning. We were riding in the car to Kalamazoo to cheer on the Broncos at Homecoming (unfortunately they lost), and I was just thinking about whether I was hungry or thirsty or just bored, when I had the weirdest sensation - like butterflies in my bladder. I thought about it, and then it happened again, like the chills you get when someone runs their finger up/down your spine, except in my intestinal region. And then I realized - it's the flutter! I told Doug what I had just felt, and he knew immediately that it was Skippy/ette. It did happen a couple more times, which was just neat.

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