Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Attack of the letter P

This morning, Roman was watching "Curious George" on PBS. It was an episode about the meaning of picture-signs, and that the big red circle/slash means "no." George, at the end, made a "no dinosaurs" sign to put on his bedroom door. Roman thought this was a great idea, and wants to make a "no monsters" sign for his bedroom.

As we were driving down our street this morning after discussing signs, Roman saw the "no parking" signs - a big P with the red circle/slash. He was very excited. "Look, Mommy, no Ps! I want that sign! So, when a P tries to get in my room, we can stop it and not let it in!"

I wanted to laugh so hard, and so loud, but I just chuckled and said I hadn't seen any letter Ps in the neighborhood. Then we went back to discussing other signs.

Baby news: I'm officially 16 weeks, so I will write to those who don't check the blog and give them an "I'm fine" update. Nov. 2 is our scheduled ultrasound. Belly is actually starting to harden in the uterine area, which people at work tell me will happen. So now I can figure out where my fat ends, and Skippy begins.


Nicole said...

I LOVED the belly hardening stage! It was freakin cool!

Sheryl said...

I'm assuming skippy is the lil guy/gal?

Maybe Roman can be a "defender who attacks the random 'bad' letters in your neighborhood" for Halloween! LOL!! That's great!!