Sunday, October 07, 2007

"..and how are you feeling?"

Ack! I get this question a lot nowadays. I told my mom the truthful answer the other day and I don't know whether she found it funny or was hoping for a better answer. "Regular," is my answer. As in poop. Personally, I enjoyed my slightly-constipated existence pre-pregnancy, and the fact that I poop 2x a day now is rather irritating. Besides that, I'm very thirsty. Since about last Wednesday I've been struggling with dizziness, light-headedness, and downright vertigo at times. I tried all kinds of things - more sleep, more food, less sugar, and skipping Coke altogether (all that did was make me dizzy with a headache). I finally figured it out - water. I need lots, and lots, and LOTS of water. So I borrowed Roman's "Fun at the Fair" sippy cup that holds about 16 oz. and have drank down 2 of those (including ice) today. Even at church, I was sucking on that thing. Besides not being near as hungry, my vertigo has definitely lessened. So, water it is.

But, when people ask how I'm feeling, I usually say "just fine." Which is true, too. Cramps and such have gone away, so physically I'm fine. Mentally I actually don't think about Skippy too much during the day. Except for when I'm getting dressed, of course. Speaking of which, I bought 2 pairs of pants & 2 shirts from maternity-JCP and am in bliss. I now have 3 whole comfortable outfits to wear. Plus one dress, and a couple skirts. So I'm actually doing okay now.

There are many small things which remind the household I'm pregnant, however. One of these days I must write an "Ode to My Husband" because Doug has become an outstanding runner of the household. Often I am bursting into tears over small things - today it was because Doug commented on the smell of my fart (see beginning of post). Normally I take it with a smile or laugh... today I cried. Not sure why, just started crying. At school I was encouraged to watch a trailer for a movie called The Singing Revolution, based on the fight for democratization in the country of Estonia. I cried so hard watching the trailer that snot was running from my nose. I was caught by another teacher, who luckily just had twins this past April. She totally understood. (You can watch the trailer yourself at this link.)

Otherwise, we're remaining busy here. We'll be getting the Halloween decorations out tomorrow evening and Roman also wants to make ghosts to hang up around the house. Rebekka is planning to rent a bunch of scary movies and spend Halloween night in the basement (by herself, since neither Doug or I watch those anymore). This coming weekend is looking like a visit to the pumpkin patch, and maybe a cider mill. If only the weather would act like October instead of August, it'd be perfect.

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