Saturday, October 27, 2007

5:35pm... time to cry.

I'm pregnant. I know this to be true if only because of my hormones. I have zits where a person shouldn't have zits (my neck?! Come on!). I am definitely beginning to have odder cravings (for lunch? Spinach & feta omelet with a side of fries, please. Thank goodness for Coney Island restaurants). And as mentioned before, the fact that I am crying... all the time. If I go a day without having a good 5-10 minute bawl, I mark it as an extraordinary day. Last week, I cried when Doug changed the channel to the Weather Channel. Yesterday, Doug and I were catching up with each other and reading the newspaper while Roman played. I just started crying. No reason, really. Doug asked what was going on, and I just pointed to the clock. Apparently, because it was 5:35pm, and time to cry.

Doug is a superstar husband. He's researched all the chemical and hormonal changes my body is going through and is most understanding. He commends me for not being as "crazy" as he expected me to be (I tell him there's another 5 months to go). Four out of 7 nights, Doug is doing the cooking (with at least one of those others being fast-food, and another being leftovers). He does the laundry most weeks now, too, with me helping now & then. He lets me sleep in on weekends and take naps when I need to. He goes out with Roman when I begin to act overwhelmed (hard to believe, isn't it, with him doing all the work?). He's just been awesome.

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Cat Hoemke said...

My big break downs come after I've gone just long enough without food...and then they turn into this crying hail storm that I have trouble shutting off. This pregnancy this is just odd!