Monday, September 10, 2007

Yeah, so...

There you have it. You've all received mail, if you're the kind I speak to at least every 3 months (unless you live overseas - sorry Beth!). And I'm with child, just turning into my twelfth week. To summarize:

Harry Potter weekend. Doug and I rented a hotel room, ate at Ponderosa, I ate almost an entire bag of gummy bears, and the book was read. Sunday, felt bad. Maybe it was the gummy bears. Monday, felt worse. Maybe it was Ponderosa. Tuesday, called Doug at work and told him something just wasn't right, I couldn't shake the nausea. He offered to buy a home pregnancy test. I told him he was mad, but if he wanted to waste the money, so be it. Yeah. Well. It was positive. Found out on Tuesday, July 24. Rebekka came to stay July 26. Talk about a crazy week!

So all throughout our trip to San Fran, Family Camp, and the start of school...nausea. But that's been it, pretty much. Feelings lots weird cramps, aches, things like that - my uterus moving around, and such. I gotta tell you, the first month or so we were in a state of shock. Not only was it supposed to be very difficult for us, after our round of pill-fertility drugs, it was supposed to be downright impossible to get pregnant without surgery or serious pharmaceutical help. Even my doctor thought the nurse had switched files when he saw what I was in for!

So we spent a month in shock, which I like to refer to as "oh crap, now what do we do?!" Then we spent the 2nd month in general acceptance, such as "well, I guess we better clean out the storage unit" and "I guess it's good we didn't buy that house in Plymouth, since we now have to buy infant stuff again." But now, it's much more exciting. Everyone knows, including Rebekka and Roman, and they're both excited in their own ways. We're doing a family outing to my ultrasound in October to find out the gender.

Cravings? Except for sleep and lots of food, not much. I will say that cinnamon applesauce is the BEST food invention yet. When you're thirsty, it quenches you. When you're hungry, it tides you over. It's healthy, but it's sweet. Simply amazing. And lemonade, being my major substitute for Coke. Countrytime, man. The best.

A few lessons learned from all this: When God tries to tell you something and you ignore it, he'll teach you in a bigger way. Don't plan out your life, because God is going to say "Um, no, actually, it's MY plan for your life." And what many have said to us, and I'm beginning to believe - when you live as a Christian, you are blessed. Doug and I have been trying to live more (and this is going to sound odd, coming from me) by Christian rules - many people we know SAY they are Christians, but do not LIVE as Christians. We have been trying to live that way. And taking in Rebekka, to us, was a natural extension of that. Wendy, a good friend from church, immediately pointed out that God is rewarding us for living as Christians. That could definitely be possible.

All I know for sure is that based on what I was taking in meds, eating, and drinking the first 4 weeks, plus making it into week 12 based on my medical history, this kid has something special planned for its life. Not that I don't think that about every kid, but seriously - steroids for asthma, poor diet, drank heavily a couple weekends after pregnancy, and am 3x more likely to miscarry.... and this baby is bound and determined to be alive. Amazing.

Did I mention how I am not happy at ALL about physically carrying this child? And the up and down emotions of feeling that adopting is still better than giving birth? But that's another day!


wmw said...

Holy cow! My brother mentioned this when he called me today (hee hee hee!) and so I just checked in here. Wow wow wow.

When Aaron found out he had to have surgery my body was freaking from stress and I thought this was happening to me. And I was terrified.

When "another day" comes, if you feel like sharing, I am interested in your thoughts.

But for today...CONGRATULATIONS!


wmw said...

PS: I hope that didn't sound negative. I just can't imagine how surprised you must be! But what a blessing.


Amy said...

Nope, not negative at all - you should have heard some of the things I said when it sunk in after a few days. I won't repeat it here, as many people who are SO HAPPY for us can't believe I'd think such things...