Monday, September 03, 2007

Tomorrow - the big day

Our house had a storm cloud over it on Saturday. As most of you may know, the "BIGGEST UPSET IN THE HISTORY OF FOOTBALL!" happened in Ann Arbor, when Appalachian State beat Univ. of Michigan. Doug took it, overall, quite well - aside from throwing his hat on the ground. He actually missed the last play on the radio, which I think was good. Too much tension, really. More sulking ensued on Sunday when all the newspapers had it... and I'm sure more will happen tomorrow, when the actual rankings come out. Ah well... I'm at least glad he doesn't work with so many MSU fans now.

School begins tomorrow for Roman and I, and Rebekka will get her schedule as her school starts Wednesday. I think it will be sad news for her - credit wise, she's probably a sophomore. Tomorrow will be telling for her. I have a half day but this is the first year I feel entirely unprepared. Among the blogged activities (and those yet to be blogged) happening at home the past few weeks, I have not had time to sit in my classroom and just plan. Every year for the past 7 years I have had the opportunity to have at least one day (usually last Friday) to plan, to make sure everything's in the right spot, to have my books marked to the right place, to have overheads or papers ready... this year, I spent Friday at home because of Rebekka. No blame, just different. So I really do feel like the kids are coming tomorrow and I am totally unprepared. I know it's not true, and I can certainly "sing and dance" for 20 minutes a class. But the feeling remains.

Roman will have new friends this year. Roman is in the Red Room, and his best buddy Garrett (whom we like) is in the Blue Room. So Roman is sad about that. We'll see who else is in the Red Room tomorrow.

And now - off to pack my lunch, some snacks, and go to bed early.

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Sheryl said...

I made Jeremy's brother Phil actually show the UM score on his inet phone. didn't believe him when he told me! Welcome to the new season of college fall U of M!?