Monday, September 24, 2007

Roman is all grown up, kind of

Roman has sprouted another few inches over the summer, and we realized going through his closet and drawers, that most of his long-sleeve shirts, and definitely his pants, aren't going to fit this fall/winter. I cleaned out what I knew wasn't going to work, and he ended up with 1 long-sleeve shirt and 2 sweater vests. Problem with pants is, he's skinny (like slim) but long. Flannel-wise, he's good - he's got some cute button-downs. But t-shirts, there's a problem.

So I went off to Kohl's with my "extra 15% off" coupon to see if I could get some adjustable-waist pants, or even some slims, and pick up a couple long-sleeve shirts & jammies too. Well... what a landmark day. Roman has officially grown out of the "T" for Toddler section, and is in the "Boys" section. We crossed the aisle. He's officially a BOY. While I was thrilled with this, pants-and-jammies-wise, I really am not thrilled with t-shirt selection. I think someday I'll open a boys-only boutique with cute, affordable boys clothes.

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